Updated 10th April 2024

Hi I’m Jonathan Trinity Martin. I’m a web designer, channel, spiritual teacher, contactee, digital marketer, ancient alien researcher..

I’m into a lot of stuff hehe.

If you’re looking for my web design or internet marketing & conscious business services you want to be on my other web site here:

Here you will find my channeling services, and anything connecting to open contact as it unfolds.

My main focuses here right now are the learn to channel courses and private one to one channeling sessions.

The learn to channel group courses continue to be popular so I’ve now created a new  training focusing on connecting with our Higher Self.

You can find out more about the Learn to Channel Your Higher Self course here:

And being as we’re doing some old school links here’s where you can book a private channeling session with me: 



If you’re looking for answers to your deepest questions a private channeling session could be the answer.

I channel many beings, often the Yahyel and Pleiadians.

If you wan’t guidance on your life purpose or spiritual path you can book a one to one private channeling with me here.


Discover how making the shift to 5D and channeling your higher self are essentially one and the same thing. 

Connect with your higher self, recieve guidance on your life path and make the shift to heart centred consciousness.

Find out more about making the shift to connecting with Higher Self here.


Creating the New Earth

Creating the New Earth

The secret to the New Earth is that you are a conscious living organism. None of you are separate from world or your planet. And the secret to living in harmony with your world is symbiosis.

When you are living in flow state aligned with your calling, your mission and higher mind – you are acting as part of One Symbiotic Organism. And you are bringing the world back to balance.

Trust Yourself Above All

Trust Yourself Above All

The shift is about moving into Unity Consciousness, embracing the beliefs and perspectives of others whilst standing firm in your own. Not swayed by others without good reason. When another has a view that opposes yours, weigh it up, does it resonate, does it make sense, do you wish to make this belief your own? Trust yourself above all!

Your Mission on Earth

Your Mission on Earth

We all have a core signature vibration. The frequency of our soul or higher mind. That part of you that when you’re having a great day and you walk into a room you bring that vibe into the room that everyone recognises as you. This is your core signature frequency and the essence of your mission on Earth.

Interdimensional Contact

Interdimensional Contact

You ARE your reality! It ALL exists within your consciousness. You are a multidimensional Infinite Soul with aspects of your being experiencing many dimensions and planes of existence. Some of which are experiencing interdimensional contact with us on our ships right now.

Don’t Fight The Shift [Channeling]

Don’t Fight The Shift [Channeling]

Don’t Fight The Shift. The Shift is the realisation that the reality you previously thought you existed in actually exists within you, and you’re creating as you go. According to your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and focus of attention.