4 Week Live Learn to Channel Zoom Course Starting 3rd Feb 2024

Learn to Channel the love/light frequencies of the higher dimensions, find inner guidance on your calling, mission and highest excitement. Get answers to your deepest questions.

Channeling is a safe and natural way to connect with the highest love/light beings in creation to assist humanity through the shift of consciousness we’re undergoing at this time.

Jonathan has taught over a hundred people to channel during group and private sessions with a success rate well over 80%. If you believe you have the ability to channel, and are excited to do so. There is a very high probability you will achieve success within the duration of the four week course.

The four live Zoom classes will be on Sat 3rd, Sat 10th, Sat 17th, Sat 24th of February 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET (Eastern US Time)

What You’ll Learn


During the course you will discover how channeling is a safe, easy and natural state that anyone can use to receive wisdom from our guides and higher selves.

You will experience a series of activations to awaken your heart and third eye chakras. From here you will learn a simple technique to connect with your guides & higher self.

We will then work together to rewire any negative beliefs holding you back. Channeling is a natural state everyone can access and the only thing holding you back is your beliefs. Jonathan will take you through a series of guided meditations and techniques designed to literally rewire any negative and limiting beliefs holding you back.

When your chakras are active, you understand the technique for channeling and your beliefs are healthy and aligned, you will see how safe, natural and uplifiting the channeling state can be.

Week 1

Awaken Your Psychic Gifts

Live Zoom Call Saturday 3rd Feb 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET (Eastern US Time)

Psychic abilities are not some super human power for the elite few, they are natural abilities we all have. The secret is to discover your own personal gifts.

What you’ll learn..

  • Connect with your higher self
  • Unlock your natural psychic gifts
  • Activate your heart & third eye chakra
  • How channeling is easier than you think

Week 2

Oneness & Cosmic Consciousness

Live Zoom Call Saturday 10th Feb 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET (Eastern US Time)

Access Infinite Intelligence and your deepest nature as Source Consciousness, One with all creation.

What you’ll learn..

  • Access Oneness & Cosmic Consciousness
  • How to channel any being in creation including plants & animals
  • Meditation techniques for accessing higher dimensions
  • Telepathy game
  • Connect with guides and beings you made agreements to work with prior to incarnating on Earth.
ET Contact Training

Week 3

The Art of Channeling

Live Zoom Call Saturday 17th Feb 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET (Eastern US Time)

Channeling is something we all can do and all do do from time to time. My unique method of teaching will show you how to easily access the channeling state. And how to identify when you’re channeling and when it’s just your mind.

What you’ll learn..

  • The technique for full vocal channeling
  • How to connect with angels, extraterrestrials, ascended masters, higher self, Source and your guides
  • Get answers to your deepest questions
  • Rewire negative beliefs blocking you from channeling
  • Identify when your channeling and when it’s just your mind
  • Using Crystals to Enhance Channeling
ET Contact Training

Week 4

The Shift

Live Zoom Call Saturday 24th Feb 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET (Eastern US Time)

The shift to 5D is the shift to operating in the flow state, acting on downloads from the higher mind and our guides moment to moment. This is the New Earth.

What you’ll learn..

  • How to receive downloads
  • The art of telepathy
  • Access flow state aligned with your higher self
  • How you can use channeling in art, music, dance, writing, acting and even science
  • Channel past & future lives
  • How channeling is the secret to making the shift to 5D
ET Contact Training
I’m so very thankful and grateful that I was able to take your course and I highly recommend you and your course to anyone that is either a beginner in channeling or has already been channeling but just needs a little guidance.

Thank you, it’s been quite a pleasure to be able to work with you and all the other students. This course isn’t just for starseeds and those who channel extraterrestrial beings this is for all areas, whether it’s angels, ascended masters or ancestors it gives you the ability to learn how to connect with all of the higher vibrational and higher frequency energies.

Thank you, much love and beautiful white light to each and every one of y’all. 🌠👽

Megan Scott

I loved Jonathan’s course as he shows you how easy can it be to channel. It was an awesome experience, you just have to belive it’s possible and through the days you will get comfortable enough to try, then it is done. He showed us how to trust it is possible through his teachings and his energy as each session felt like we entered in a nice meditative state. Don’t miss the oportunity if you feel is calling you, you should try! 🙂
Z Maga Pila

Jonathan’s channeling triggered my initial Spirit body activation. I feel he is VERY connected to our Star Family and can plug into many positive entities.
Steve Martin

I’ve known Jonathan for 3 years now and been following him from before. I’ve done 5 different channeling courses with well known practitioners and I must say that, with Jonathan, I channeled immediately after the second session with tremendous ease and spontaneity.

The clarity in his teachings and the way he guides his classes are of top level, making the channeling experience super gratifying and joyful.

Jonathan is a brilliant communicator,  good at what he does and has a passion and contagious energy backed by knowledge that won’t leave you indifferent to working with him!

Salvador Adatsi



Get a FREE 15 minute private channeling session with Jonathan and his guides to ask them your most pressing questions when you register!

Plus get access to prerecorded video lessons and channelings designed to activate the channeling state and rewire any limiting beliefs holding you back.

The four live Zoom classes will be on Sat 3rd, Sat 10th, Sat 17th, Sat 24th of February 2024 @ 1:00 PM ET (Eastern US Time). During the classes you will have the opportunity to interact the ETs channeled through Jonathan and ask them questions. Recordings will be available in case you can’t make any sessions live.


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