4 Week Live Learn to Channel Course


Learn to channel extraterrestrials, angels, spirit guides, ascended masters, Source, your higher self, plants, animals and more. Whether you’re looking for higher guidance for yourself, the ability to Channel for others or simply to connect with the blissful frequencies of the higher dimensions, Jonathan can teach you how to enter the channeling state for yourself.

Having appeared on Vice, mainstream TV and radio plus several podcasts Jonathan has been channeling and teaching channeling professionally for over 7 years.

Entering the channeling state is much easier than you think. Jonathan’s unique way of teaching channeling has enabled many people to access the channeling state for themselves with most able to connect within the duration of the one month course.

The course begins this March with four live interactive group sessions over Zoom where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Jonathan, the Yahyel,  and other beings he channels.

You will also have access to prerecorded video lessons and channelings from Jonathan, the Yahyel and other Channeled beings.

Course Live Call Dates:

Saturday 4th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am Pacific Time, 6 pm UK time.

Saturday 11th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am Pacific Time, 6 pm UK time.

Saturday 18th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am Pacific Time, 6 pm UK time.

Saturday 25th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am Pacific Time, 6 pm UK time.

Each video call will be 90 minutes and recordings will be available of all sessions in case you can’t make any sessions live, (the recordings will be private and for group members only). If you have any questions email jonathan@jonathantrinity.com

I’m so very thankful and grateful that I was able to take your course and I highly recommend you and your course to anyone that is either a beginner in channeling or has already been channeling but just needs a little guidance.

Thank you, it’s been quite a pleasure to be able to work with you and all the other students. This course isn’t just for starseeds and those who channel extraterrestrial beings this is for all areas, whether it’s angels, ascended masters or ancestors it gives you the ability to learn how to connect with all of the higher vibrational and higher frequency energies.

Thank you, much love and beautiful white light to each and every one of y’all. 🌠👽

Megan Scott

Megan Scott's Psychic Readings

I’ve known Jonathan for 3 years now and been following him from before. I’ve done 5 different channeling courses with well known practitioners and I must say that, with Jonathan, I channeled immediately after the second session with tremendous ease and spontaneity.

The clarity in his teachings and the way he guides his classes are of top level, making the channeling experience super gratifying and joyful.

Jonathan is a brilliant communicator,  good at what he does and has a passion and contagious energy backed by knowledge that won’t leave you indifferent to working with him!

Thank you Jon, See you soon.

Salvador Adatsi

Sailor, Author, Healer

Learn to Channel – 4 Live Zoom Video Classes + Prerecorded Videos & Channelings.
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