Updated 10th April 2024

Hi I’m Jonathan Trinity Martin. I’m a web designer, channel, spiritual teacher, contactee, digital marketer, ancient alien researcher..

I’m into a lot of stuff hehe.

If you’re looking for my web design or internet marketing & conscious business services you want to be on my other web site here:

Here you will find my channeling services, and anything connecting to open contact as it unfolds.

My main focuses here right now are the learn to channel courses and private one to one channeling sessions.

The learn to channel group courses continue to be popular so I’ve now created a new  training focusing on connecting with our Higher Self.

You can find out more about the Learn to Channel Your Higher Self course here:

And being as we’re doing some old school links here’s where you can book a private channeling session with me: 



If you’re looking for answers to your deepest questions a private channeling session could be the answer.

I channel many beings, often the Yahyel and Pleiadians.

If you wan’t guidance on your life purpose or spiritual path you can book a one to one private channeling with me here.


Discover how making the shift to 5D and channeling your higher self are essentially one and the same thing. 

Connect with your higher self, recieve guidance on your life path and make the shift to heart centred consciousness.

Find out more about making the shift to connecting with Higher Self here.


33 Days of Extraterrestrial Contact

33 Days of Extraterrestrial Contact

33 Days of Extraterrestrial Contact   Every day for the next 33 days, throughout September and into October, I’ll be sharing content on extraterrestrial contact. Daily Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and website posts. You can find me across all these platforms by...

Archangel Raphael Channeling – Divine Service

Archangel Raphael Channeling – Divine Service

Archangel Raphael Channeling. Hello and welcome you fine beings of divine consciousness. For I am Archangel Raphael. King of the dominion of love and healing. And I do not take this title with a grain of salt. It is the role ordained on me by the God head creator King...

Extraterrestrial Monitoring of Earth

Extraterrestrial Monitoring of Earth

Extraterrestrial monitoring of your world is common, the main datum points we monitor are: 1. Collective vibrational frequency, it is very simple for us to measure the vibrational frequency of your world. We have devices that measure the electro magnetic waves of your world.