Hello, Shivai, I am Tahinio, Good Day. The channel has asked us to address the topic of living your life purpose, calling, and highest excitement – your mission on Earth. And it’s relevance to resolving the issues and challenges currently facing your world.


At this time many of you may be observing the atrocities occurring in your world and thinking “What can I do to solve this problem?”




Well the answer is simple, get aligned to your passion, take control of your mission, step back into the boots you came to wear in this reality.


We are all non physical beings having some kind of manifest experience in reality. We also have aspects of our being in higher dimensions. On the Earth plane It is these aspects of our being that are calling the shots.


Your higher mind and soul matrix see the bigger picture, they understand where this Earth plane existence is going. And so are able to offer advice, not only that is of the most benefit to yourself, but also to the whole of creation. And particularly the other beings on your planet.




Any time you act upon your passion, something that aligns you and makes you radiate from the core of your being, you are aligning to your mission on Earth. The positive frequencies are manifestations of higher consciousness, and the negative frequencies are manifestations of lower consciousness. So any time you act upon something that brings you joy, excitement and upliftment, you are aligning with the perspectives and ideologies of the bliss plane reality of higher mind. And any time you act upon something that lowers your frequency and drains your energy you are acting on a fear based frequency based on misunderstandings of the nature of reality, who you are, and why you’re here.


If this is all sounding a little complicated and over your head fear not for the essence of this transmission is simple: Follow your bliss, live a life of excitement, be yourself to the fullest you can be you.




The idea is that we all have a core signature frequency. That which we may call the frequency of our soul or higher mind. That part of you that when you’re having a great day and you walk into a room you bring that vibe into the room that everyone recognises as you. This is your core signature frequency and the frequency of your mission.


Essentiality this frequency that is you in your most joyful state IS your mission. You are here to emanate this frequency to the world. And while simply resonating at this frequency will have huge impact, for your vibration creates your reality and uplifts every being you come in contact with – Allowing them to raise their frequency closer to their true soul mission vibration. At the same time staying centred in your soul frequency will allow you to live your life in an entirely new way.


No longer will you act upon the fears and anxieties of your physical mind leading you down paths you don’t prefer in the name of survival. Now you are centred in the core of your soul and higher self. From here wisdom from the higher dimensional planes will pour into your reality. Moment to moment you will be guided by your higher mind, through the guiding compass of your highest excitement. Towards those actions that are not only beneficial for your self, but the most beneficial actions for your whole reality, and particularly your Earth plane existence.




So this is the answer, this is how you solve all the issues in your world. You stop acting from a fear based physical mind perspective and begin to fearlessly embrace your calling, mission and highest excitement on Earth. Acting moment to moment to the best of your ability on the excitements, inspirations and ideas being downloaded to you from your higher mind.


Any time you act upon your highest excitement in each and every given moment you are doing the upmost you can to resolve the issues in your world. And accelerate the inevitable shift into a bliss filled fourth density fifth dimensional golden age for ever more. Or at least until the beginning of the shift to the next density! <3




This creates an orchestration, a symbiotic organism. This is how you return your world to balance and symbiosis. Think of it like this; when all the cells in your body are aligned and healthy the body works optimally. When the cells become out of balance the body begins to break down.


This is what’s happening in your world, the individual cells (people) are breaking down because they’re not aligned to their mission, calling and highest excitement. As all beings in your world make the shift into alignment with their passion your world will begin to return symbiosis. All parts of the system will begin to work for the good of the whole and your world will prosper.


At present so many beings are living in fear, separate from their joy, soul and higher mind. And so are not fulfilling their role in the transformation of Earth.




Think of it like this. Every person on your planet is a cog in a giant machine. If anyone of the cogs is not aligned and working properly it causes problems in the whole machine. However when every cog is aligned to its purpose the machine works perfectly. And this is how it is with your world. When every person in your world is aligned with their passion, joy, highest excitement and mission they become a perfect working cog in the machine assisting the transformation and upliftment of your world. However whenever someone is operating from a fear based perspective they are throwing a spanner in the works and the whole machine breaks down.




It’s time to decide if you wish to play the spanner or the cog..


Follow your excitement in each and every given moment without hesitation and without expectation and you will effortlessly and smoothly transition into the fourth density golden age of love and light you have all dreamed of for so long.


We shall see you in another now! Peace, shivai. I am Tahinio of the Yahyel, signing out, for now, good day!


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