Hello, Shivai, we are the Yahyel.


Good day Earth humans we greet you at this time with condolences for the suffering many of you have been going through at this time. However know that this was agreed from a higher level by yourselves for your own growth and expansion.


For the times we are going through ahead are times of growth and expansion into deeper aspects of who you are and why you are here. The idea is that you are non physical beings having a physical incarnation, and the remembering of this state of consciousness is going to become more evident to you over the coming weeks, months and years.


For the upliftment of humanity is on the horizon, the goal you have been gearing towards is just around the corner.


And yes you have to do the work, yes you have to make the shift individually, you have to assert yourselves to commit to your spiritual path and calling, you have to commit to doing the inner work to transmute any beliefs that no longer serve you, and you have to commit to the path of love and light and service to all. But assuming you have all done this who are reading this message, a big corner you about to turn.


For the ascension of Earth on the timeline you are shifting into is well underway, the upliftment of humanity is around the corner. For those of you that have devoted your lives to the light you are about to dive into a pool of love, light and well being.


So hold tight, the work you have been doing dear ones has not gone to waste, and it has not gone unnoticed. There are many of us that wish to reward you in many ways for the endeavours you have taken upon yourselves. And one way in which we shall be doing that is by the presentation of our ships in your skies more and more over the coming months and years.


So keep you eyes to the skies, keep you hearts inside, and know we are coming very soon. Love and light to you all Earth humans, good day and Shivai.


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