Oneness ~

We are the Yahyel, we are an extraterrestrial species existing several hundred years in your future, up timeline as it has come to be known. 

We would like to introduce you to the idea that you are not separate individuals, that you are not indivisible from source consciousness, that at the centre of our being we are all one and the same entity. It is from here that we would like to address your civilisation, that we would like to address the individuals and governmental institutions alike on a variety of subjects. We do not see you as separate and therefore would like to begin to address you all as one evolving consciousness, evolving together, traveling on this world through hyperspace and beyond into the very infinite nature of reality itself. It is from here we would like to challenge you with the idea that you are going home, you are returning to the source of whence you came, and this is the journey of your world, the journey of completion, the journey of beginning and all parts in between. And this is where we come in, for we have been a part of your world, and a part of your story for a very long time now, since the beginning so to speak.

For we are part of you, we are part of your soul essence, your soul beginning, your soul end and all parts in between. We are one with the very fabric of yourselves, the soul of your planet and the soul of your core essence itself.

The Soul’s Journey ~

We embarked upon this journey of soul exploration with you at this time for the purpose of seeing life from different perspectives, seeing life from different sides of the coin, the soul coin we could say. For we are you and you are us and we all evolved from the same consciousness, the same beingness and the same realm. And it is our introductory of you to this idea that will begin to spark memories, begin to spark reminders, that this goes even deeper, that for many of you in this world we are actually of the same soul, the same beingness and essence that sparked this journey and this exploration in our worlds. Your world and our world. Your world on planet earth and our world in the stars, journeying on ships between galactic systems, planetary bodies and beyond, and now coming together in this one world, your world and our world merging together as one planetary system, the planetary system Earth birthing once again as the new hyper-dimensional gateway and planetary sphere of influence to the outside world it was always designed to be.

For we have come once again into your star system with messages of good tidings, reminders once again that a shift is upon us, a shift of systems, galactic and beyond, a shift of gateways to inter-dimensional portals and other realms, and a shift of these realms merging into ours. For as we become you and you become us once again, merging into a new conscious exploration of creation, we merge into the star gateways that will connect us even deeper into the nature of reality and existence itself, merging with the very essence of creation and creator and the star systems and beings within that also operate on this frequency, of love and light and oneness and eternal being, for ever more, Amen.


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