Hello, I am Tahinio, Good Day.


You are beginning to shift into Unity Consciousness – we would like to congratulate you all in coming so far. The majority of beings in your world are now thinking about the collective and serving others, as opposed to themselves only.


Serving The Whole


And this is a significant tipping point. The purpose of spiritual awakening as you call it is to understand that you are the Whole and not the individual. One way to come to this realisation is to operate in service to others in the understanding that others are your self. And so the best way to be selfish is to be selfless. Serving the whole in the understanding the whole is you.


Taking the step towards holding the will in your hearts to help others is a giant leap forward in this direction. For you are penetrating your consciousness into your greater Self: the collective of your world and beyond. By orienting your actions towards helping others in your reality you are actually projecting your consciousness out into “their” self, which is ultimately you. And the more you do this the more you will understand that they are you and there is no separation. You will begin to have experiences of Unity Consciousness.


Reality Exists Inside You


The ascension of your world, the shift as many of you have called it, is the “shift” of perspective from the belief “I exist in reality” to the perspective “reality exists in me”. There is no separation, there is only One consciousness in creation. You are us and we are you. We are the One Infinite Creator looking back on ourselves from different perspectives to experience our Self in every way we can experience our Self. This is the journey and reason for creation in the manifest form.


And as we move through this summer solstice occasion in your reality the energies are very conducive to the experience of Self realisation. Conducive to realising that you are the One and there is no separation. You can use the frequencies of this solstice day to begin to tap into the realisation of Oneness or Unity Consciousness as you may call it.


Feeling is Key


Look at the blades of grass and feel how they are you. Feel the energy of your world. Let go of the descriptions and concepts of you mind for they only serve to hinder you in this realisation. Feel into the world around you, feel the grass, feel the trees and feel the animals as they are present in your reality. Feel how there is an energy, a life force experience that binds all things, all time and all space. This energy is you, this energy is source, this energy is the creator that you are in your heart of hearts.


So as you step out into your world this day, put aside your mental concepts and frameworks for existence and begin to feel what is around you. Feeling is the key to Unity Consciousness and this new reality you are moving into.


Welcome to the New Earth, Earth humans, Shivai and good day.


A Day of Exploration


Today I am stepping back into my craft and taking a break from your world to explore some other corners of creation. From which I may bring back knowledge that can help us accelerate your experience of consciousness on Earth. And today we suggest you do the same – go exploring, feel the energy that binds your world and creates your reality. And tomorrow, when you come back to your daily lives, you will have some gifts of knowledge and revelation to share with your world to help it expand ever more.


Shivai and good day Earth humans, we are with you ever more. Good day!


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