4 Week Live How to Jump Timelines Course


Learn how to use parallel realities to jump timelines to the version of Earth where you have the abundance you desire, the life you prefer, global extraterrestrial contact and a heart centred fourth density/fifth dimensional civilisation.

The latest breakthroughs in quantum physics are suggesting what the channels are saying, we create our reality within our consciousness. Learn how to use the physics of reality to shift timelines to the version of Earth you wish to live upon.

In the course we will cover:


  • How to shift to a version of Earth that is in the process of open extraterrestrial contact.
  • How to manifest the money you require.
  • How to create the life you desire for yourself.
  • How to create the best version of you.
  • Aligning with your calling, mission, life purpose, passion and highest excitement

The course begins this May with four live interactive group sessions over Zoom where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Jonathan, the Yahyel,  and other beings he channels.

You will also have access to prerecorded video lessons and channelings from Jonathan, the Yahyel and other Channeled beings.

Course Live Call Dates:

Saturday 6th May, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 13th May , 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 20th May, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 27th May, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Each video call will be 90 minutes and recordings will be available of all sessions in case you can’t make any sessions live, (the recordings will be private and for group members only). If you have any questions email jonathan@jonathantrinity.com

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Learn to Channel – 4 Live Zoom Video Classes + Prerecorded Videos & Channelings.


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