Hello, Shivai, we are the Yahyel.


The second wave has begun, the second wave of ascension that has been on the tipping point of entering you world has started.


The recent circumstances surrounding your public health scare has initiated the second wave of global ascension. And by this we mean a huge amount of new souls are beginning to remember who they are and why they are here. Particularly the ones who went through some kind of shock, or we could call initiation due to the virus pandemic.


Those souls that explored the idea of death and serious illness within themselves or close loved ones over the recent months did so for a reason, did so for a specific purpose. For from our perspective everything you experience is created by yourselves for your own well being, service and expansion. Everything you experience in your reality is chosen by yourself for a specific purpose from your soul level reality. Everything in your world is orchestrated for a higher purpose. There are no accidents, only synchronicity and orchestration.


And the idea is that you all chose your recent circumstances for yourselves partly so you could explore the idea of death as you call it, and ultimately, in your own time, come to the conclusion that it does not exist. Not in the way that many of you think it does as a finality and an end, but simply as an ongoing evolution of your consciousness and a shift into a different experience of life.


And so it is that many beings that were otherwise not interested in spirituality, metaphysics and ascension have come to explore ideas they would not have otherwise – the idea of the afterlife, the soul, immortality and consciousness as a whole.


And this exploration has begun to trigger soul memories within them; it has activated parts of their consciousness that were otherwise not available to them on the surface level of their being.


And so it is and be it so. The second wave of ascension has begun. And the otherwise disturbing circumstances in your world have unlocked a potential in your individual and collective consciousnesses that would otherwise have remained dormant for some time. So give gratitude and thanks for all the positives that have come from an otherwise disturbing situation because the frequencies of gratitude and thanks will accelerate to an even greater degree the ascension that has already begun.


Have a wonderful day Earth humans, Shivai and Good (God) day!


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