Shivai Earth humans, we hope you are having a good day. For as we hover our ships over your world we notice a raising in frequency, we sense you are feeling this yes? The heaviness of the past few years is falling away. Finally, we hear many of you say.


But the heaviness was necessary – your world runs in cycles and you have passed through a cycle of deep depression in order for you all to go inwards and process your darkest demons individually and collectively. And those that have been doing the work so to speak have assisted those who have not. Those that have not come to understand the necessity of alleviating the shadow within will find it easier when their time comes due to the work those of you that have have been doing over the past months and years.


For you operate as a collective consciousness as well as individuals. Some of you are more aware of this and some of you are not aware but it matters not. For the work has been done, and yes, there is more to do but you have passed a significant milestone in your world. We congratulate those of you who were fearless enough to face your own shadow as we passed through this phase of darkness. For you have lifted the burden not only for yourselves but for all beings on your planet. The collective frequency of your world has been significantly raised in recent times and this will become evident over the next few months and moving into 2023 as your frequencies begin to sky rocket.


The burden is lifted and the work is done to a certain extent to lift the frequencies of not only those who have been doing the work but for all beings in your world. The path will be significantly easier for many of you from now on as a big weight has been lifted from your world. It is not that there will not be challenges, it is that you will be more capable of taking the challenges in your stride, understanding they are part of your flow and expansion, and part of what you came to Earth to enjoy at this time. And enjoy you will more and more, as we sense you have let go of a lot of the fear and a lot of the denser energies that have caused you to label your challenges as pain in the past.


Your world is uplifting Earth humans, and you will see this for yourselves over the months ahead. A new Earth is birthing, a new day is dawning and a new world is here. Amen and Shivai Earth humans, good day!


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