Anyone who’s done a decent amount of research into the crop circle – ET contact connection knows there’s a lot more going on than two guys called Doug and Dave trudging through fields at night with planks and ropes. In fact the “Today” newspaper that published this theory was apparently a government/military intelligence project designed specifically to “debunk” these kind of topics.


The Crop Circle – ET Connection


Some interesting occurrences around crop circles are the video of orbs of light producing a crop circle in real time. The huge football field size patterns that appear over night. And the interesting occurrence with Dr Greer and his team, famous for developing the CE5 ET Contact protocol. While they were designing the logo for their project with three spheres connected by lines on a crop circle tour in the UK, they awoke the next morning to find a crop circle of this image in the field next to them.


Our Collective Conscious


When I tune into my higher self and feel into what these glyphs are I receive the following information. I believe it’s our collective conscious creating them. In one dimension of our being we operate as a collective mind. The collective conscious of humanity. I believe it is this, also interacting with ETs and higher dimensional beings that is creating the real crop circles.


The Language of Symbols


Symbols talk to a different part of our brain. Written word speaks to our logical conceptual masculine left brain hemisphere. Symbols talk to our intuitive feminine right brain hemisphere. The part of us that intuitively knows truth on a soul level. This is why cultures that were more spiritually evolved than our own such as Ancient Egypt used symbols as their language. Symbols speak to a part of our consciousness that intuitively knows things. Bypassing the logical left brain thinking that is so dominant in our contemporary culture. It’s a way of awakening deep truths that our soul already knows, but has forgotten due to the conditioning of society.


And this is what I believe is occurring with crop circles. Our collective conscious, along with the collective conscious of ET civilisations and other higher dimensional consciousnesses such as fairies and elementals is producing these glyphs. Probably using some kind of electromagnetic consciousness effect.


Symbols of Awakening


We are communicating to ourselves, we are waking ourselves up from the dream of mind based physical reality. They are like alarm clocks going off, it’s 11:11 am, it’s time to wake up. In our collective higher mind we’re creating symbols that represent certain principles and frequecies designed to speak directly to our right brain. Slowly awakening ourselves from our long slumber lost in our physical minds.


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