Hello, we are Tau Ceti, we like to share with you messages of joy and upliftment for we know your planet is going through some troubles at this time.


In your distant past an agreement was made by yourselves as souls to play out this journey of awakening at this time in your world.


Tau Ceti & The Inter Galactic Alliance


There have been agreements made with star systems in your galactic realm and beyond that form the basis of what you may call an alliance. We are one of them.


And so the time has come for us to enter into your solar system as entities of light and love that you know yourselves also to be in the core of your being,


Remember Your Power


We are here to remind you who you are, nothing more. This is our main role in your world at this time. For once you understand the power that lies within you, you will have the ability to transcend all challenges your world is going through at present.


You are beings of great love/light frequencies that came from the stars long ago. You are eternal beings of great might and power that came from source as we once did, long ago within time as we know it to exist.


There has been an upwelling and remembering in your world of this power that lies within your hearts, the power of Source, God the creator that still lies within you. You are made in the image of God and possess the power to create new worlds as source consciousness once did with your own world.


The Shift


As you remember your true power and collectively come to recall that you were, and still are the creators of your world you will begin to shift. To shift your world into ever more positive timelines for ever more. Amen.


We are Tau Ceti, we will come to you again in the future to remind you more of who you are and why you are here. Amen, Earth humans, We are you, remember that. For now, signing out, Tau Ceti.


ET Contact Training Course


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