£123 GBP

Learn to Channel Course – Live

Prerecorded video lessons and channelings, PDFs plus four live interactive Zoom calls with Jonathan and the Yahyel. Running through July

£9 GBP

Discover Your Mission Training

Align to your calling, mission & highest excitement. Four Hours of Group Video Session Recordings plus Accompanying PDFs From a Course that Ran in 2019.

£49 GBP

ET Contact Training

Learn CE5 ET Contact, Channeling, Remote Viewing and 3rd Eye Activation. With Jonathan and Channelings from the ET’s. Prerecorded Video Lessons, Channelings and PDFs Designed to Give All The Tools You Need to Make Contact For Yourself.

£39 GBP

Learn to Channel Course – Prerecorded

20 Prerecorded Video Lessons form Jonathan plus channelings from the ETs designed to teach you everything you need to know to start your own journey of channeling.

£49 GBP

STAR Program

The STAR (Starseed Training – Actualisation & Realisation) program is an advanced training for those looking to take their mission/calling and awakening to the next level. A series of 12 live group sessions recorded over 3 months at the end of 2019 and beginning of 2022.

£90 GBP

Channeling Sessions

Private channeled readings. Ask Jonathan any questions you have and he will bring through messages from the Yahyel, Pleiadians, Angels and other beings. 


Learn to Channel Sessions

Learn to channel ETs, guides, higher self, angels, source and more for yourself and others. Private one to one session over Skype or Zoom.


Energy Healing Sessions

An energy healing session can help activate our natural joyous state of being and rebalance our Chakras and energy body. The positive effects on our mental, physical and emotional well being can be profound.


ET Contact Sessions

Everything you need to open your awareness to higher dimensions of reality for channeling and telepathic communication. Plus CE-5 contact techniques and Jonathan’s personal methods to invite the ships into our reality.