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What is Starseed ET Contact Training?

Starseed ET Contact Training is a 6 week, live with me, interactive Zoom based group video training program designed to teach you how to invite extraterrestrial craft into your reality, interact with the ETs in the dream/astral realm, channel inter-dimensional beings and phase shift into 5D ET contact experiences. All in a fun group environment.

I’ve been having contact experiences since 2008 and have been teaching channeling and contact since around 2015. I’ve appeared on Vice, UK and US TV, Australian and Irish radio plus numerous podcasts.

As the shift accelerates and we move into 2023 I’ve been guided to share everything I’ve learnt about contact in the form of this Starseed ET contact training.

I have taken both a Learn to Channel Class and an ET Contact Course with Jonathan, I really enjoyed them both. He provides so much information and he is open to answering questions at any time. Jonathan is very comical and is easy to talk to. I would definitely take other classes with him.

Susan Beebe

How does the Course Work?


We’ll be holding a live group zoom call each Saturday, starting 6th May for 6 weeks at 1 pm EDT (eastern US time). Each week my self and the ETs channeled through me will teach one module of the Timeline Shift ET Contact method. There will be options to ask questions of myself and the ETs in live channelings. Recordings will be available to group members in case you can’t make any sessions live. There will a be a series of prerecorded video lessons and channelings and you’ll have email and messenger access to Jonathan throughout the training.

£197 GBP

What Will I Learn?


  • May 6th 1 pm ET – Invite in Extraterrestrial Craft with the Timeline Shift Visualisation Technique
  • May 13th 1 pm ET – Interact with Extraterrestrials in the Astral/Dream Dimension
  • May 20th 1 pm ET – Channel the ETs & Communicate Telepathically in Phase Shift
  • May 27th 1 pm ET – Connect with the High Love/Light Frequencies of “Home” and The ET Dimensions in Phase Shift
  • June 3rd 1 pm ET – Pleiadian Heart Activation
  • June 10th 1 pm ET – Timeline Shift Activation to Shift to the New Contact Timeline

Starseed ET Contact Training – Make The Shift



£197 GBP


£197 GBP