Hello, good day, I am Tahinio of the Yahyel. Welcome to our world, our dimension, our pitch and our frequency.


You may wish to understand the idea of “World” is not what you think it is.


That which you perceive as “World”, as other, as outside of you, is actually a projection of your consciousness in this here to now present moment. That which you perceive as “other” is actually your self, your own consciousness winking back at you from another perspective, doing everything it can to get you to remember that it is you.


This is the journey on Earth as you experience it at this time, the journey of remembering, the journey of returning home.


That which many of you call home, that which many of you intuitively feel is you natural place of residence, is not a place, it is a state of consciousness, a state of being, a state of understanding that you are not and have never been separate from your reality.


The idea of “home” being a place in the Pleiades or Sirius star system, or [insert your idea of a beautiful paradisical reality] is a misconception. When you tap into the idea of these places being home you are actually tapping into a reality within your soul matrix incarnations where you experienced the paradisical unity state of Oneness.


What you call home is not the place, it was the state of being. For places don’t really exist outside of you, they are illusions, projections created within your consciousness for the purpose of having certain experiences. And the experience you created Earth for was for the experience of creating an illusion of being separate from creation, separate from source, separate from home.


Begin to understand that everything is within you, that there is no outside, that these experiences you call “home” or “paradise” aren’t a place, but are a state of consciousness. And that which you long to return to, that which your call home, that which you remember as paradise was a state of being you experienced within your own consciousness, it was the experience of Oneness and Unity and the paradisical bliss that goes within it.


And so the understanding that the paradisical Unity you seek as “home” is actually you, unlocks huge potentials, huge potentials for your life and the reality of Earth as a whole. It unlocks the realisation that you can experience “home” right here and now on Earth in this present dimension.


And it is really only your own stubbornness that stops you from doing so. Because the paradisical Unity reality you seek is actually your natural state, it is who you are, this is your home, centred squarely in the depths of your own being. Yet your beliefs create your reality and you keep insisting that life is hard, life is difficult, such and such gets in the way of me experiencing happiness. And thus it is so, you create a reality of suffering and separation for yourselves out of your own stubborn insistence that that is how reality is.


Perhaps however, for a few moments, ponder the idea that you are already home, you already exist in a state of paradisical unity consciousness, and perhaps the great spiritual teachers that have been telling you this for thousands of years in your world were onto something. Perhaps there is a magical, glorious reality of love/light and bliss all around you, if only you were able to pause for a moments, let go of the arduous and incessant chatter in your minds and begin to see reality how it really is.

You are already home Earth humans, paradise is all around you, it is just a choice to see reality as it really is, and not as thousands of years of cultural conditioning has caused you to be deluded into believing it is. You can find “home” right here and now, just choose to see life as it is and stop listening to that crazy monkey mind in your head which is really nothing more than a dumping ground for thousands of years of human misperception.


Set yourselves free, see the paradise that is all around you. We are coming in our ships in your skies to remind you of this once and for all. Never again will this Earth plane return to the world of suffering and resistance to reality that is once was. We come in your skies to remind you once again you are already home. The paradisical Unity of Oneness with Creator him/her Source has always been here, always and ever presently available for your own experience of bliss.


Welcome home Earth humans, welcome home, we love you eternally, good day. We love you, good day.


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