Hello, good day Earth humans, we welcome you to our galaxy. For while it may seem there is only one Milky Way galaxy, there are many, actually infinite in number, and specifically to this topic, one for every being who perceives it.


For the Universe is in the eye of the perceiver and more accurately in the consciousness of the perceiver. Each being in creation is actually having their own unique experience of creation within their consciousness much like a dream at night. And the Universe you perceive is actually a kind of illusion created by your consciousness. Many of you for example, on Earth, all agreed from the higher dimensions of your soul to co-create what you call planet Earth. To come together at this time and collectively agree to have an Earth-human experience. But you are all actually creating your own versions of Earth within your consciousness at any any one given time. And when you meet people you are meeting people that have collectively co-agreed to create a similar experience within their consciousness as you at the same time.


We understand this is a complicated topic and we understand it may be going over the heads, so to speak, of those of you hearing this for the first time, and we will go deeper into explaining this at a future time. For now please just understand that you are all actually in your own Universes (YOUniverses), having your own unique experiences of creation. And this explains a lot of what you are experiencing in your world at this time. This explains why there is so much disagreement on your planet, and this explains how you create you reality.


Your beliefs, perspectives, thoughts, emotions and more specifically, your energetic output, create the world you see around you. So when you see people arguing on the internet about what is right or wrong. Understand it is possible for them both to be correct when they have polar opposite views. For their beliefs are creating their reality within their own consciousness. Experience is the only thing that is real in creation. There is really nothing outside of you, it’s all a big dream going on within your own consciousness. So how can anyone tell you you’re wrong if you’re creating your own reality through your beliefs.


And so this is how reality creation works, this is how the law of attraction works, and this is how some people have amazing lives and some people suffer when they live only a few doors apart.


So begin to shift your perspectives in a positive direction, begin to shift your perspectives towards the New Earth. And know by doing so you are shifting to the reality you prefer. Do not be affected by your apparent outer circumstances, do not let the world around you dictate how you feel, for then you are giving your power away to others. The way to reclaim your power is to never let your state of being be effected by your world or other people. Close your eyes, step away and see, feel and know yourself to be in a reality of love, light, abundance and well being for all for ever more. And it will be be so.


Shivai and good day Earth humans, we are the Yahyel and we love you eternally, we shall see you in another now, so be it, be it so, Good day!


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