Hello, I am Tahinio of the yahyel. We come here with our ships above your cities at this time to create and assist with the bringing about of a certain vibrational resonance.


For your world is at a tipping point, the scales are tipping towards the light. With our assistance we have the ability to cause a shifting of energy in your time field that will tip the scales once and forever more. The days of those beings that rule your world with oppression and fear are coming to and end.


Step into your power, join us in raising the frequency of your World. Do everything in your power over the coming weeks and months to assist us in raising the frequency of you world and the tide will turn once and for all.


Share love, share compassion, share harmony wherever you go. See the good in all, see the beauty in your plants, see God in your animals, and see the Source of creation in all. For even those lost and confused in your world, operating in anger and fear, hatred and disillusionment – are divine souls in the core of their being. Look to their soul essence, see them for who they really are and you will find it easy to offer them love and compassion at this time.


The frequencies are rising and when you do everything in your power to act from the positive energies you act as a catalyst, you act a positive transformation device. And the ripples move out through your reality – ripples of love, ripples of gratitude, ripples of well being showering out into the world around you and then reflecting back in accordance with the law of attraction.


And this causes a tipping, this causes an acceleration of the shifting. A rebalancing of the scales of love and light once and forever more in your world and reality, Amen.


Become the creators of your World, stand fast in your convictions, stand fast in your love, be who you came here to be Earth humans.


We are once again riding into a fifth dimensional golden Age of love and light in your Reality. Amen


Shivai Earth humans, we are the Yahyel. Our well being to your World, love and light in your world, Shivai and Amen!


Good Day!


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