The initiation of your world is set in stone quite literally. It was known in your distant past that these times would come when your world would descend into chaos.

The sacredness and divinity of your world would be forgotton and in it’s place an insatiable desire for material objects and wealth would take over. Man would fight between himself for sparkly objects out of fear for survival and addiction to the objects of the world. Desperately trying to plug the hole of discontent he felt in himself.

God Consciousness

No longer would he find fullfilment in the centre of his heart from God consciousness and would begin to seek pleasure outside himself. The confusion would lead to great sickness and unhapiness in the world. But times would a change and that time is now in your world. The potential for upliftment into divine states of consciousness is now returning.

What will set you free is disconnecting from insatiable greed for objects and experiences. It is seeking of pleasure outside yourself that causes chaos in your nerve centres. In seeking outside you are subjecting yourself to an emotional rollercoaster that wreaks havoc in your nervous system. Reacting emotionally to each and every experience takes it’s toll on your being.

Staying Centred in Joy

If you wish to move beyond this, bring your physical bodies back to balance and learn to live centred in joy and divine well being – You must understand this. You need to become masters of your mind. You need to learn to find stability regardless of outer curcumstances. When you live in a reactive state, slaves of your mind, you have no control over reality.

It’s time to yoke your being back to centre. Learn to overcome the reactive states of your nervous system. Learn to become steady of mind in all situations. There are many things you can do to begin to reclaim consciousness from the body mind complex that has taken you over.

Strengthening the Body

Begin by refining your diet. Understand your cellular structure is a result of your dietary intake. Eat only the purest and highest vibrarional food sources and you will begin the process of strengthening the body for the activation of your higher nerve centres.

For thousands of years in your world there has been a science known as yoga, designed specifically for this task. The science of preparing the nerve centres for initiation. Initiation into God consciousness and a state of mastery over body-mind that will leave you unshakeable.

Become aware of how you are treating your body. Over the coming years frequencies will grow in your world. It is important your nerve centres are prepared for such initiation. The time of awakening and the return to full consciousness is coming. It is important your bodily vehicles are prepared to take these incoming energies so you can transform to the higher states without physical damage.

Many of you are already struggling with the incoming energies. Lack of sleep, discomfort in the physical body and irritability are all signs your nerve centres are not prepared for initiation.

Yoga & Awakening

Look to the science of the Yoga of the ancient ones. We have laid the path for your awakening.

We strongly suggest you do not disregard this information if you wish to move smoothly through this transformation.

I am Thoth and I will come again. So be it and be it so. Amen

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