We, the Pleiadian, have been involved with the creation of this system, your world, since time immemorial. And you are all one of us, Earth humans. There was a time long ago when we were organised together into star clusters in a different realm of this reality. We would council day and night on the best ways to create a planet. A Planet that would allow us to face great challenges of darkness and separation that would cause us to grow at incredible speed. Ultimately serving the advancement of this time space reality and the universe as a whole on a new level.


And now the time has come for you to remember. To know that you created this space, with us, for you were all once one of us. We were a team, we were an alliance. And now we may begin to work as an alliance together once again. Once more to take this quadrant of the universe to a new level of understanding of the love/light laws of creation.


The Pleiadian Remembering


We may take you on a journey of remembering, remembering this story of creation. How you too once worked as architects to bring this time space reality, this planet you call Earth into existence. It was to be a school, a school of polarity where the dark ones were equally as allowed to walk and play as yourselves – the Children of Light. For you knew this would aid you in great expansion. No where else in creation has this specific experiment been carried out. Few are the places where darkness and light can coexist alongside each other as is currently happening within your world.


Splitting of The Prism of Light


Now is the time to break free. Lessons have been learnt and lessons have been learnt well. But now there is a splitting, splitting of realities like light in a prism. Those that follow the rays of light are beginning to form a new world, a new Earth that can no longer coexist alongside the dark.


As your world spins into new areas of the galaxy and cosmos you are shifting into higher dimensional planes of existence. Planes where darkness and light can no longer coexist. So now is a time to choose; do you wish to choose the path of love, service and compassion to others. Or do you wish to continue the path of fear, separation and self centredness with disregard for the whole.


The Choice


Choices you now make have immeasurable impact on the future journey of your selves as souls throughout creation. Choose well and choose wisely. The time of the splitting of the prism of light has come.


We are yourselves, your brothers and sisters from another system. More and more will we work together in the future. We shall speak soon. We are love and we are light, as are you! Good day for now. Your Pleiadian star brothers and sisters.


ET Contact Training


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