We wish to offer our appreciation for the work that many of you are doing right now. Without you, the ground crew, our mission would be impossible. We have, for some time, been striving for open contact for your civilisation. But without your cooperation we would be getting nowhere.


We are very aware of you who are making the effort to push forward open intergalactic and inter-dimensional global extraterrestrial contact.


Many of you are at different stages of your awakening and carrying out different aspects of your mission. And we do not judge you differently depending on where you are at in your game. Those of you just starting out, working on yourselves and diving deep into your own recreation, those a bit further along the path who have committed more fully to being of service to the collective and the global ascension, and those who have become superstars in your field sharing the message of the coming shift. We see you all the same, it is the effort that counts, the willingness to commit to the higher good and the ascension of all is what counts. And we appreciate those of you that have committed in this direction.


And the time is coming for a shift in gears so to speak. For the agenda of open contact with your civilisation is about to take a turn for the better. Those of us that are active in your skies are taking note in the huge massing numbers of extraterrestrial craft here on Earth at this time. And we are taking this as a sign that you are ready, you are ready for open galactic, intergalactic, and inter-dimensional contact on a global level.


There has been an ascension of consciousness in recent times and we measure that more and more of you are ready to embrace our ships in your skies. You are becoming less centred in what serves yourself and more centred in what serves the collective, which ultimately will serve yourselves too. And this is the shift, this is the sign we have been waiting for. So ready yourselves to begin seeing more of our ships in your skies over the coming months ahead. Expect to see us when you look up, and more and more we shall be there.


So we come to you with tidings of good greetings, greetings from us to you more and more in the physical realm as we step forward at this time.


Open extraterrestrial contact with your civilisation is about to take a turn for the better. You are ready and so are we. Have a good day Earth humans. Shivai and well being to you all Amen.

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