Welcome Earth humans, to a new pitch, a new frequency, a new dimension of Earth reality at this time. For you have shifted.

It will become more apparent to most of you over the next few months if it is not already that you have passed through a significant crux point in your reality.

A night time experience is nearly over, and by that we mean a phase of deep purging of dark energies from your system individually and collectively.

A new era on Earth is beginning. As we pass through the Venus Star transit on October 22nd – a significant astrological event energetically. We shall begin to see new energies entering into your reality. With that, and the crux point of the transit through your winter solstice into your solar cycle of 2023 you will see big changes in your world.

And we are coming in our ships like never before. 2023 represents an energetic window in your reality for our ships to enter your world on a new level. The time has come for our ships to enter your skies in wave after wave in the coming culmination of the potential for open contact on a global scale in the latter quadrant of your year. The time has come to prepare for our coming once more, like the golden days of your Atlantean reality now gone.

And so, as always, we invite you to do the work. If you are reading this message you have already taken significant steps in the direction of aligning to a timeline where open contact will occur. But you still have work to do to align to the timeline where open contact can occur within the Solar cycle of 2023.

You must align to your calling, your purpose and your vision for this incarnation now, once and for all. For it is your vibration, the energy field you emit as a being, that determines your outer reality and the experience you have in this world. So if you wish to shift to the time line where Open Contact occured in 2023. Then you must do all you can to raise your frequency to match the frequency of that timeline.

Do the shadow work as you term it, dive into those beliefs that no longer serve you. Dive deep into every nook and cranny of the shadow that still exists within you. Beliefs such as I’m not worthy, I cannot do this, I’m afraid, serve you no longer. For you are the creators of your reality.

You are Infinite immortal consciousness in physical form and ultimately nothing can harm you. Negative beliefs create negative realities and vice versa. So we invite you to let go of all beliefs that are holding you back. Step into a timeline of bliss, passion and open expansion into who you came here to be and we will be with you in your skies, and with time, on your Earth for ever more.

If you want to learn to channel yourself I have a Learn to Channel Course beginning next month. More info here: https://jonathantrinity.com/channeling/ 

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