Hello, welcome Earth, we are the Yahyel. We are glad to have you in our grasp once again for it has been some time since the channel shared our message in this manner. It is our sensing there is a major portal opening in your world at this time.


And so it is our pleasure to congratulate you for having come so far in your world. Timelines have been splitting off all the time and those of you that have come this far have done well. Either you have made strong effort to transform your lives or your natural goodness in your heart has brought you this far.

The Prophecy


And so the time has come to change, the time has come to synch up. The time of the prophecy is beginning. It is right about now in your world that the higher dimensions of reality are becoming overlayed in your experience. 


You are becoming more and more aware of your multidimensional nature and your Infinite selves. That along with the raising of frequencies as your world moves into a new area of space time reality in your universe is causing an acceleration.


The Dimensional Bridge


And so it is time that we welcome you to what we may call the bridge. Over the coming weeks ahead into your new year there will be a major portal opening worldwide. There will be opportunities to dive deep into other dimensional reality more than ever before.


For your higher faculties are awakening, your heart, brow and crown chakras are activating like never before. There is a resonance building in your world at this time. A vibrational resonance that is allowing access to higher dimensions of reality.

Major Portal Opening


And so it is our offer to many of you that you may wish to commune with us in your dream time at this time. There are other ways we can interact too if you wish but the dream space is most accessible for the many of you. And it is the dream space in which we are most comfortable connecting because it is closer to our home dimension of reality.


So as you go to bed at night, if you desire to make contact, hold in your hearts the desire and intent to connect with us in your dreams. We and many civilisations are excited to commune with you at this time. Where is your resonance? Who do you wish to connect with? Ask and it shall be given. Shivai.


Have a good day Earth humans, and a good night all the better. Shivai and Amen, good day Earth humans, good day!


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