There are galactic frequencies coming into your world, galactic expansions – galactic alignments, and this is one, the Lion’s Gate 8 – 8 August portal as it has been termed in your reality. And so what you may find yourselves able to do more and more in the coming weeks ahead is tune into the galactic energies, tune into the frequency of the galactic core, and feel into what is the purpose of the galaxy, what is the galactic purpose. What is the consciousness of our galaxy, the milky way galaxy communicating to me at this time? And you will see it is a frequency of expansion, continued expansion, continued unfolding. It is the frequency of continued expansion of the love/light/bliss frequencies of existence emanating into your reality to uplift your civilisation.


And while many of you may have been through some challenging times recently in your reality; understand this is part of the expansion, part of the acceleration. The idea is that many of you are still holding onto what we might call out of alignment beliefs, beliefs out of alignment with your core essential self. Beliefs that are no longer serving you, beliefs based in lack, beliefs based in lack of self worth. Beliefs based in I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I cannot do this, I am not divine enough, I am not high frequency enough, I have not healed enough. But the idea is that these frequencies, the frequencies of the galactic core emanating into your reality at this time; can begin to let you relax, can begin to let you release, can begin to let you settle into a deeper understanding of who you are, why you are here and what your true emanation, what your true frequency, what your true signature vibration is in this reality, in this world.


And so many of you may be noticing that while you are going through very intense times at present, you feel very relaxed today, you feel kind of more centred, you feel kind of more grounded, you feel kind of, better, even though your lives are perhaps still very chaotic and very challenging for you at this time. And this is a very powerful sign you are entering into the new energies, you are entering into the new frequencies. You are entering into what many of you have called the fourth density, what many of you have termed the fifth dimension, the age of Aquarius, the new age, the awakening, the unfolding, the shift. The quickening, the acceleration, the expansion, the enlightenment, the list goes on. These frequencies you are experiencing today, this kind of centred, grounded, kind of sense of well being amidst the chaos in your reality. These are glimpses of what is coming into your reality more and more over the coming months ahead.


So we suggest you spend your time today attuning to these frequencies, we suggest you spend your time today attuning to these energies. And we suggest you spend your time today attuning to the galactic core, tuning to the galactic core of yourself, for essentially you are the galactic core, there is no separation between you and your galaxy, you are the same consciousness ultimately. You will come to understand this more and more as your consciousness expands through this accelerating shift.


And so at this time we invite you to relax, we invite you to let go, and we invite you to just feel these energies, for they are going to benefit you very well over the coming weeks, months and years, as you go through the shift of consciousness. This is a taster, this is a glimpse of what you can expect to experience more in your reality. A settling in, a relaxation, a knowing, an understanding that you are being buoyed up, you are being assisted by source consciousness, you are being assisted by the galactic frequencies, and you are being assisted by your true essential self on a much deeper level than you can possibly imagine.

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