Hello, Shivai, We are the Yahyel.

We welcome you to our reality, to our world and to our frequency at this time of interesting transformation in your world.

Everything is up in the air, everything is shifting. The chaos you see in your world is due to the rapidly shifting timelines. Frequencies and dimensions are shifting from moment to moment.

The world you see around you is but an illusion, an illusion projected by yourselves into your reality. You are walking around in your own consciousness. And with time this will become your natural reality for you, but for now just relax accept things for what they are and trust where they are going. For trust is one of the real secrets to existence in your reality. For if our beliefs and perspectives create our reality there is little more powerful than trust itself.

If you are living in a state of trust you are saying to creation “I believe everything is going to work out perfectly”. And due to the law of attraction your reality will begin to smooth out radically, regardless of what is occurring on the rest of your planet.

So over the coming weeks and months ahead we suggest you make trust your main practice, for this will solve so much for you. It will take care of your financial issues, it will take care of your mental issues as your mind chatter and fear based thoughts will calm down radically. And it will take care of your physical health as your body relaxes and shifts back into it’s natural state of healing, health and rejuvenation.

So relax, relax, relax, trust, and become who your came here to be. Have a wonder filled day Earth humans, we shall see you in another now.

Amen and Shivai, Good day!

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