Hello Earth, welcome. I am Tahinio. I am a Yahyellian. Welcome.


It is our pleasure, at this time, to welcome you aboard our ships. “Wait, but we are not on your ships”, we here you say. And we say, “yes you are”.


The physical body is just a small segment of your beingness. You are multidimensional entities living on a variety of planes of existence. Ultimately all planes of existence, as you are the One Infinite Self.




With regards to your souls incarnation on planet Earth there are several dimensions relevant to the progression of your being at present. Not least being the Oversoul. That collective of souls, of beings, of consciousnesses that are aligned to similar missions and life themes as your self. You have a group consciousness, a collective mind, that interfaces with our ships and our bodies and our physical mind make-ups.


And so when you say, “but we are not on your ships”, we say, “who are you?”. Are you your soul? Your Infinite Self? Your Oversoul? Higher mind or Galactic self? So you see there is more to you than meets the eye. And we are communing with you on many levels of your being. Many of you visit our ships when you sleep through your astral bodies and you wake thinking it was just a dream. This is because you are not aware of the totality of your being.




As you come to understand yourselves as multidimensional beings, the veil, the forgetting, that blocks direct access to these portions of your being will begin to withdraw, will begin to fall away. As this occurs you will come to know yourselves as the Infinite One, and within this as multidimensional beings.


So let go of the old way of being and begin to embrace the new. As you embrace yourselves as multidimensional entities, and begin to see yourselves as we see you, you will begin to remember the contact experiences you are already having.


The version of you you call you, your regular beta consciousness waking state is in a sense a reality of delusion. As you fall asleep at night you expand into your greater being. Deeper portions of your consciousness become available to you. You have access, while still somewhat limited, to your iInfinite Self, and the other levels of your being. It is here you commune with us very naturally and normally as if we were old friends. Which we are ;).




However upon waking in the morning the blinkers are back on. You start to reidentify with limiting beliefs picked up from your society. Before you know it you’re nothing but a physical body with a physical mind that just wants to worry about the mundane dross of your world. Completely forgetting that just an hour prior you were flying through the bliss and ecstasy of the higher dimensions. Planning the next stages of open contact and the collective awakening of your world.


It is your beliefs that are blocking you. Your beliefs create your reality. Whatever you believe to be true is true for you. It’s your reality, your creation, and there is nothing outside of you that can affect you otherwise.




You ARE your reality! It ALL exists within your consciousness. You are a multidimensional Infinite Soul with aspects of your being experiencing many dimensions and planes of existence. Some of which are communing with us on our ships right now. So as we said at the beginning of this transmission. “Welcome Aboard Our Ships”. We hope this statement makes more sense now.


We shall be sharing more information on this topic over the coming months. As we prepare together for the coming open, extraterrestrial, inter-galactic and inter-dimensional contact approaching your world. Join us in this new timeline of revelation and discovery. Belief is KEY!


Peace, Love, Light, and Shivai! We are the Yaheyl, and I am Tahinio, good day!


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