1. Believe. First you have to trust and believe that its going to work because our beliefs create our reality. Think of it like this, If you’re convinced your cellphone is broken and it doesn’t work there’s no chance of the call getting through because you’re not even going to bother switching the phone on right? You have to believe it’s going to work.




2. Deep breathing. To raise your frequency, increase your oxygen, and lift your prana/chi/life force energy levels. Think of this as the fuel that charges your body and gives you the increased energy to become a biological telephone. Like recharging your cellphone. Do five minutes deep breathing through your nose before you begin channeling. Continue to breathe deeply throughout the process.




3. Next, open up your chakras. You need to find a way to open up your chakras that works for you. (Toning, Visualisation, Listening to another channel are ways that work for me. There’s masses of information online to help you if you do a search). Think of this as being like turning your phone on, taking it out of airplane mode, turning your antennae on to receive messages.




4. Tune your frequency to the being you wish to connect with. Visualising or remembering an image of the being you wish to connect with can work. Using a symbol that represents the being or civilisation can also work. My favourite way is to say over and over again, “Good day Pleiadians”. Or whichever civilisation you wish to connect with. (You may notice the tone of your voice change as you begin to tune to their frequency). This is like dialling the number of who you want to call into your phone.


How to Receive Downloads from ETs


5. Ask a question in your mind or say it out loud then wait and see what comes. Have a pen and paper handy and write down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t think about what the answer should be. Just let go of thought, try not to think (this can be hard, silencing your mind is not necessary but letting go to the best of your ability will help). See what comes into your mind by itself without you trying to figure the answer out. Write whatever comes on the paper.


Let Go


6. Another way is to get someone to sit in front of you and ask you questions, or in a video call. Carry out the first four steps then get the person to ask you any question that is important to them. Let go.. don’t try and work out the answer. Just let go of thought to the best of your ability and see what comes. Speak whatever you feel to say, whatever comes through. Don’t judge the information or think about it, just say whatever wants to come out your mouth. You can judge and assess the information with your mind later. Do not judge the information while in the channeling state. Your job while in the channeling state is to get out of the way and just share whatever information wants to come through..


February Learn to Channel Course


If you’re still struggling after trying these steps or would like the opportunity to practice in a fun, safe and friendly environment I have a group learn to channel course starting in February. You can find out more about the Learn to Channel training here: