Q. How Many Extraterrestrial Civilisations are Currently Visiting Earth


Hi, I am Tahinio, Good day.


So we shall answer your question in good timing, however, first we should like to point out the error in your question. There is no one reality outside of you. There are many realities within you. The world you see around you is created within your consciousness moment to moment. The question really is – what reality do you wish to shift into. A reality with one extraterrestrial civilisation, 10, 100, more?


So there are likely probabilities of where your civilisation is going at this time. Due to collective beliefs, experiences people are having and coming back with stories from and what people are picking up from others. You are collectively shaping your dream reality that you call Earth together.


Extraterrestrial Civilisations


There are approximately 40 main civilisations visiting your plane at this time from our point of view in this current timeline.


Many of them are like yourselves, humanoid in fashion, two arms, two legs, large heads, usually slightly larger than your own. Though one or two with slightly smaller heads. Some, what you may call insectoid in fashion, an extra set of what you might call legs. Some are amphibious, this is perhaps one of the main differences you will note.


There are also many other civilisations, conscious beings and collective minds monitoring and checking in on your reality from time to time. Though the 40 number we initially stated, perhaps 41 to be accurate are civilisations heavily involved with Earth’s ascension in one form or another at this time.


Who Are They?


Some you know well such as us the Yahyel, Shakani, Sirius, Arcturus, Pleiades and Orion. And of course some of these systems have more than one civilisation connected to them. Over the months ahead the different civilisations within the different systems will begin to identify themselves.


Understand for now there is going to be a great coming forward over the months ahead. Some of these 40 that have remained in the background will now begin to come to the fore and make themselves known.


Some will still remain in the background until the time of open contact occurs when many revelations shall be made known to your world. Along with what you may call a more accurate understanding of your Earths true past.


Exciting Times


So these are exciting times, you are coming to a phase in your reality where you will begin to see the bigger picture. Begin to understand more about the civilisations that have been with you all along.


We suggest you pay close attention to your media coverage of the UFO/UAP phenomena over the weeks and months ahead as some of these civilisations will be revealing themselves in remarkable ways.


For now, we love you and good day Earth humans, we are the Yahyel. Shivai, signing out. Good day.


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