Learn how to make physical and inter-dimensional contact with extraterrestrials. Invite their ships into your location, initiatite telepathic communication, connect in dreams and meditation, and if you’re ready, make physical contact.

The ETs are here and waiting for us to reach out, they respect our free will and do not wish to force themselves upon us, and therefore are waiting for us to make the first move.

Making contact is fairly simple, however it is not easy! During the course I will teach you techniques to invite in contact in a variety of ways, but you need to be ready for a radical shift in your life. Everything in your life will change after contact.

The ETs operate from a place of pure unconditional love and service to others, living in flow, trusting synchronicity and the laws of creation to support them. Contact with these beings will cause a huge expansion in your consciousness to the point where you’ll begin to see things from the perspective of your soul. You will begin to see life very differently. No longer will you be interested in the human desires for safety, comfort and material gain. You will be driven to expand your consciousness, reconnect with Source/God and your soul, and from here live out your mission on Earth. This can be unnerving as it feels like your safety blanket has been ripped away as you are forced to trust in synchronicity, the laws of creation and your soul to look after you as you embark on a journey into your highest excitement and the unknown.

If you feel you’re ready for a radical life transformation, to commit to your souls mission and calling and are excited to make contact and assist humanity through this transition into fourth density/fifth dimensional consciousness, then this training is for you.


ET Contact Training

We will focus on: 1. learning contact meditations, sometimes known as CE-5, to invite their ships into our reality. 2. Preparing our consciousness and physical bodies for the rapid expansion and raising of frequency that comes with making contact. 3. Learning to open our psychic awareness, our third eye, higher chakras and our telepathic and channeling abilities to initiate contact. 4. How to communicate in dreams, and interpret and remember dreams in which we may already be having contact. And 5. If you feel ready – how to prepare yourself for physical (phase shift) contact experiences aboard their ships.

Most of my experiences have occurred during August and particularly September, with other contactees reporting the same. The collective energies on Earth seem more conducive to making contact at this time. And this year feels particularly special to me. There seem to be mainstream news stories coming out almost every day around the topic. And with the current collective awakening we seem to be going through post covid there has never been a better time to reach out to our star family. I’ve received several communications suggesting that the second half of this year will see a huge acceleration of contact experiences and sightings in our skies.


  • CE5 (My Version) to Invite The Ships into Your Reality
  • How to Connect in The Astral Realm
  • Phase Shift Physical Contact Aboard Their Ships (Higher Dimensional Contact)
  • Initiating Contact in Your Dreams
  • How to Raise Your Frequency to Become More Like Them
  • Activating the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity to Make Contact
  • Channeling, Psychic and Telepathic Communication Skills
Timeline Shift

I’ve been having contact experiences, sightings of ships and physical experiences aboard their ships since 2008. I’ve been teaching extraterrestrial contact and channeling for over 8 years and have appeared on Vice, mainstream TV and radio, plus numerous podcasts talking about the subject.

The course begins this October with four live interactive group sessions over Zoom. You will have the opportunity to ask questions of myself, the Yahyel, and the other beings I channel.

You will also have access to prerecorded video lessons and channelings from myself, the Yahyel and other civilisations.

Course Live Call Dates:

Saturday 7th October, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am PT, 6 pm UK time, 7 pm CET

Saturday 14th October, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am PT, 6 pm UK time, 7 pm CET

Saturday 21st October, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am PT, 6 mp UK time, 7 pm CET

Saturday 28th October, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 10 am PT, 6 pm UK time, 7 pm CET

Each video call will be 90 minutes and recordings will be available of all sessions in case you can’t make any sessions live, (the recordings will be private and for group members only). If you have any questions feel free to email me at

“I have taken both a Learn to Channel Class and an ET Contact Course with Jonathan, I really enjoyed them both. He provides so much information and he is open to answering questions at any time. Jonathan is very comical and is easy to talk to. I would definitely take other classes with him.”

Susan Beebe

Alchemist, Inner Child Healer, Bio-Energy Field Transmitter

“After watching Jonathan’s videos, I was compelled to find out more about the things he teaches and has experienced. Since learning from him, I’ve become even more curious and enthusiastic about discovering all the things I didn’t realize, I didn’t know. This adventure is life changing!”

Cheyanne Racey

Dog Handler

ET Contact Training – 5 Live Interactive Zoom Video Calls + Prerecorded Video Lessons & Channeled Messages From the ETs.


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