Making ET contact in dreams is perhaps the easiest way to make contact.


The shift of consciousness we’re currently going through is becoming aware of our multidimensional nature. Our experience in our physical bodies here on Earth is just a small part of who we are. In reality we exist on many planes, all planes of existence actually, because in our true nature we are the Infinite Self.


Examples of dimensions of our being are the astral body, our soul consciousness, our higher self, over soul, galactic self and our Infinite Self.


ET Contact in Dreams


Another dimension of our being is what we may call the dream state. This is a dimension of our consciousness the ETs are comfortable interacting with us in. ET contact dreams are much more than just regular dreams.


I prefer to speak from experience wherever I can rather than something I’ve read or what I’ve heard elsewhere. My experience of extraterrestrial contact while dreaming at night is as follows.


The dimensions of reality in which night time dream contact occurs appear to be different from regular dreams. We can recognise them by the energy we experience. They have a powerful energy to them and we often wake in the morning with a kind of wow, that was an intense dream feeling. Powerful emotions are another sign we are connecting with real ETs. The dreams often occur on extraterrestrial ships though we generally don’t remember them that way.


Symbols of Contact


Reality in higher dimensions is very different from normal waking life. When we go on ET ships in the dream state we are often in very strange realms of consciousness. Realms we often can’t really comprehend upon waking in the morning. The memories we have of being on the ships are not exactly what we experienced while we were there. Rather, they are symbolic translations that our mind creates to help us process the information. Using symbols and images we’re more used to seeing in our waking state.


I often remember these contact dreams as being in a nightclub, or a cafe type setting. Often there are memories of being on the top floor of high rise buildings, very very high rise buildings. Sometimes memories of being in classroom type settings with lots of people and an entity giving the class that I can’t quite remember what they look like. Occasionally I clearly remember meeting an ET but often the memories are vague and symbolic in nature. Keeping a dream journal and noting your dreams on waking in the morning can be useful in helping you piece together this part of the puzzle.


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