It has been offered to us by the channel, Jonathan, that we may share our perspective on what many of you have termed the shift of consciousness, the great awakening, or the shift to 5D/Fourth density.


The 5D Golden Age


The semantics of exactly what these terms mean is not so important. What is important is how this transformation of consciousness will effect your everyday lives. And what you can do to effortlessly move into the golden age that this shift signifies the beginning of.


The shift of consciousness is the shift into a higher dimension of reality, a higher dimension of being.


It has been assumed in your reality for aeons that you are separate biological entities living in a hostile universe at the whim of every asteroid and every natural disaster that comes your way. But this is not how reality works at all.


The reality is that you are Infinite eternal beings of love and light having a temporary experience of being incarnated on Earth. Your consciousness is actually projecting what you call Earth, and life, into existence. It’s all occurring within you much like a dream at night.


Reality Exists Within You


Essentially, The shift is the realisation that the reality you previously thought you existed in actually exists within you, and you’re creating as you go. According to your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and focus of attention.


For you are vibrationally creating your reality. What you focus upon in your consciousness is what you will see in the mirror of creation. Your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner state of being.


So the art of navigating the shift to 5D, is the art of realising who you are and why you are here. And from here to forth concentrating all your efforts into creating this reality for yourselves. A reality where you move moment to moment in flow with source consciousness according to the downloads you receive from your guides and higher mind.


Trust and Let Go


The shift is about becoming aligned with a place of trust within yourself. Trust that YOU ARE YOUR REALITY and YOU ARE creating it as you go.


So letting go is essential, letting go of any beliefs that you are separate from your reality. Letting go of any beliefs that you do not deserve to create what you prefer. And letting go of any beliefs that you can’t create the life of your dreams. For the life of your dreams is essentially the dream of your higher mind. And higher mind sees the bigger picture. It understands what will serve all beings in creation to the highest degree.


Accessing Flow State


And so when you’re living in flow, when you’re following your excitement, and when you’re following the downloads from higher mind and your guides. You’re acting upon those things that will not only create the optimum reality for yourself , but also the optimum reality for all beings close to you, for all beings on your Earth and ultimately all beings in creation.


So understand that when a thought comes in your mind that you shouldn’t follow your dreams for whatever reason. Understand this is an outdated belief you have picked up from your society. And it has nothing to do with the truth of creation. And it is not helping you or anyone in reality. Keeping yourself “small” is just prolonging your own suffering and that of your civilisation.


Don’t Fight The Shift


So it’s time to step up to the mantle. It’s time to align to the core of your being. And bring forth those gifts to humanity you were destined to actualise in the world at this time.


So be brave, be strong, follow your passion, live your excitement. Become the dreamer of the eternal dream and dream the dream you prefer to dream into the dream you see before you.


Sweet dreams! For this is THE SHIFT! Peace, love, light and Amen. We are the Yahyel, Shivai.


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