4 Hours of Group Video Session Recordings plus Accompanying PDFs From a Course that Ran in 2019. Designed to get you started living your calling, mission and highest excitement.

£9 GBP

Discover Your Mission training is designed for people new to the path though it can be good to brush up on the basics if you’ve been on the spiritual journey for a while.

Hosted by myself and Zion Zeta this is a fun 3 hour course comprising of 3 live video sessions recorded with a small group of students in 2019.

It shows you how to find your own calling, mission and highest excitement and how to find the confidence to commit full time to this path.

With different perspectives on how to achieve the same results fr myself and Zion this short course could give you the impetus you need to step onto the path of following your passion and purpose.

3 Prerecorded live group sessions from Jonathan and Zion Zeta.

£9 GBP