Hello, good day, I am Tahinio of the Yahyel. We come to you today with an update on your societal disclosure process. There has been an up-welling of data (on the UFO phenomena) in your media systems over the recent months and years but particularly the last few months in your world. It is our pleasure to announce that we will be coming sooner than ever due to this influx of data in your reality.


One of the datum points we measure to judge when you are ready for advanced and accelerated contact is the willingness and readiness of your citizens to meet us in your skies, and eventually on terra firma.


Rising Frequencies


The recent buzz in your media, many different perspectives from many different outlets has caused a resonance in your world that is very pleasant for us at this time. Frequencies are becoming more conducive to our ships entering your skies.


You must understand that like attracts like and the law of attraction is always in action in your world. If there isn’t an overall resonance towards desiring contact with us and our ships, (for our ship are conscious too), then we cannot become part of your reality, it kind of repels us. But as there is increased desire in your world to experience our ships in your skies it pulls us towards you. We cannot help but resonate towards you. It is our nature to serve and our nature to go where we are called, vibrationally. And your world is calling us in at present.


September Contact Window


So particularly around your September month we sense there will be portals available, windows of contact that will be very pleasant for us to resonate into. We shall see you in your skies more and more from that moment forth. As the news stories continue to hit your main stream media outlets and “buzz” continues to rise around the subject. We and many others will be frequenting your skies more and more often. There will be more sightings, more video captured of our ships, and thus more media coverage from the outlets of your world.


And this will create a snowball effect, more sightings creates more media coverage and more media coverage creates more sightings. From here to forth the movement towards first and open contact will be exponential in nature.




And do not worry too much about your worldly disclosure process, we have this in hand. When the timing is right there will be so much contact occurring in your world that our presence will be undeniable and your “disclosure” process will be by the by.


We find it somewhat humorous that so many of you are focused on “disclosure” so that you may have contact. As if WE were some third party that had no say in the matter. This is very funny to us and our ships. Our ships laugh out loud at your antics sometimes.




So if your feel drawn to CE-5, if you feel drawn to reaching out and inviting us into your skies. This September onwards represents a powerful window of opportunity to connect with us in your future reality skies.


We shall see you then, and periodically in-between. For now, we love you and Amen. Good Day!


If you’re interested in learning about CE-5 and making contact yourself I have an ET Contact Training course starting this July. You can find out more about the training here: https://jonathantrinity.com/et-contact/