Hello, we are The Yahyel. Shivai, good day.


We come to you from our ship’s above your cities at this time. We station our ships in these locations for the purpose of harmonising the energies.




As the dimensional shift occurs there is much fluctuation of energy in your world. And it is time you took a breather for many of you. Many of you fighting on the front lines in the war against the darkness are somewhat exhausted and it may serve you to take some time away from your daily duties.


The fluctuating energies can be overwhelming, and fighting on the front lines is causing you to get to caught up in the confusing psychic mind chatter that is pervading your world at this time.


Take some time out, stand back, reassess and rebalance your energy fields in readiness for the next phase of our agenda on Earth – To introduce you to the hidden truth of your reality.


The truth that has been before your eyes for aeons but has been hidden from you for the selfish gain of the few and the oppression of the many.



But now the masses are awakening, they are coming to understand the information issuing from your main stream media outlets is nothing more than propaganda designed to keep you in a loop of perpetual suffering. Disconnected from who you are and why you are here.


Keeping you from your mission on Earth.


The powers that be in your world are terrified of you stepping into your own power. Terrified of you taking control of your lives and stepping back into who you are and why you are here.


Because they know it will signal the end of their strangle hold on your reality and their ability to syphon of your energy and resources for their own selfish needs.


So step up and be strong, become who you came here to be. Understand the old system can no longer serve your world and was never really designed to do so.




The secret to the New Earth is that you are a conscious living organism. None of you are separate from world or your planet. And the secret to living in harmony with your world is symbiosis.


When you are living in flow state aligned with your calling, your mission and higher mind – you are acting as part of One Symbiotic Organism. And you are bringing the world back to balance.


Do not let others tell you who you are or how to live your life. Break out of your conditioning. See the love, see the light, see the joy. Be free in your dreams of Infinite Life and existence for every more.


We are all free in this new dream of reality.


The true destiny of Earth.




And remember, we can’t fight fire with fire or the fire will only get bigger.


We fight darkness with eternal unconditional love.


And this is the secret that has been hidden from you.


That love is the greatest power in creation.


Amen. Shivai, and good day Earth humans, Good day..


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