Meeting Ra & Blue Avians


My contact experience with Ra, the being well known from ancient Egypt, occurred in August. I don’t remember if it was the year before or the year after my 2018 contact experience with the Yahyel.


Just prior to the experience I spent two days in London. I love visiting the Ancient Egypt room in the British museum there. This time I had a particular interest in the Ra statue. I’d been studying the Law of One, the Ra material and had an interest in Ra at the time. I often receive downloads in the British Museum. I believe the Egyptians downloaded their consciousness in to a lot of these statues as well as the mummies. I pick up on some amazing energies and information whenever I’m there.


The Prayer to Ra


This time I began to pick up on a prayer from the Ra statue. It was saying something along the lines of:


Hail Ra, king amongst men, god of all gods, creator of the universe.


I could hear this going around in my head over and over and it stuck with me for the 2 days I was in London.


Ra’s Ship


On returning to Lincolnshire, I believe the day after I got back, I saw a greenish blue light streak across the sky. A colour and energy I’ve come to associative with Ra and the avian ETs.


Later I woke in the middle of the night, sat bolt upright in bed with the thoughts in my head, “Ra’s here, Ra’s here”. I sensed his ship outside my window up in the sky. Symbols and energy were being projected from the ship into my mind. Information was being downloaded into me from the ship.


Next day I began to have memories of being on the craft. It appeared to be circular inside, probably a classic flying saucer type. On two levels, it was like an open plan house, the upper floor circling the ground floor with a balcony. Upon the second floor there were what looked like large TV screens everywhere. They had images and video on them, I don’t recall exactly what information was being shown.


In the centre of the ground floor there was a large cylindrical glass vessel full of liquid with Ra’s “head” suspended upon tubes in it. As I understand it Ra is a non physical being and can project his consciousness into many forms. He sure chose a strange one for me!


Blue Avians & The Secret Space Program


I have memories of meeting blue avian beings and two public figures who talk online about the Secret Space Program. My feeling is this was at some base close to the moon. I remember looking up at the moon that day and feeling I’d been there the night before.


Was this an astral or physical contact I experience? I don’t know.


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