4 Week Live ET Contact Training Course


What You Will Learn

If you’re excited be the idea of extraterrestrial contact and seeing the ships for yourself I have a new course running througout April. The course will be a series of live Zoom calls plus prerecorded lessons and channelings centred around making physical contact with extraterrestrials, inviting their ships into our skies so we can see their ships for ourselves and if you feel ready, stepping into the realm of meeting the beings themselves.

You will learn the methods, tools and techniques that Jonathan has been using since he started having his own experiences 13 years ago. Meditations and visualisations to zone the ships into our location and open up lines of telepathic communication.

You will learn CE-5 Coherent Thought Sequencing, remote viewing, channeling, telepathic communication and the interactive meditation techniques to zone the ships into your physical location so you can have your own experiences with the ships and perhaps even physcial contact with the beings themselves. We will be focused on connecting with the Pleiadians, Sirius, the Yahyal and other love/light oriented civilisations.

Jonathan has been channeling and having contact experiences with extraterrestrials since 2009 and has become known worldwide due to his Vice interview, TV, radio and podcast appearances. 

Course Dates

The course will run for four weeks throughout April with a 90 minute live Zoom video call each Saturday at 1 pm Eastern US time. During the call you will have the opportunity to interact with Jonathan and extraterrestrial civilisations channeled through Jonathan. You will also receive prerecorded videos and channelings from the extraterrestrial civilisations. Email and Facebook Messenger contact with Jonathan will be available throughout the course so you can ask questions as and when they arise.

Saturday 2nd April 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 9th April 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 16th April1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 23th April 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Each video call will be between 60 and 90 minutes in length and recordings will be available of all sessions in case you can’t make any sessions live, (the recordings will be private and for group members only). If you have any questions email

ET Contact Training – 4 Live Zoom Video Classes + Prerecorded Videos & Channeled Messages from the ET Civilisations.
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