I had an interesting contact experience last night..


After a busy day of working out, doing the second session of the free Tony Robbins Unshakeable training and getting clear, partly due to the training, that I needed to move forward with my calling to introduce humanity to the ETs, things started to happen. I stepped outside into the Yard and soon felt the ETs were about. There was a “presence” in the air, it felt more 5D, everything looked more colourful, more vivid, it was like the sky was alive. I’ve come to recognise these signs as confirmation the ships are in the area.


It was around 6.45 in the evening, I don’t often go out after dark but I’d already got the feeling I wanted to go for a walk before I felt the ET presence in the air. I often get the feeling to go out for a walk before I have a sighting, so this was another sign something was going on.


As I walked down to the Inca ruin site just outside town I started to notice lights on the mountains in somewhat unusual places, some behind the main tourist archaeological park and some up at the Inca quarry site high up on the mountain across the river. They could have been local farmers or tourists camping on the mountain but I got the feeling there was something going on – especially with the way the lights were appearing to flash me from up on the quarry site. I’ve learnt to connect the dots and one way I teach people how to recognise if a sighting is ET or something more mundane is through coincidences/synchronicities and other things surrounding the experience. Often we’ll experience some profound synchronicity just prior to a contact/sighting or there’ll be several circumstances suggesting the ETs are about. For example when I first stepped outside into the street I thought I saw a flash in the sky. Normally I’d write this off as my eyes playing up but with the other things going on I suspected there was more to it. They like to play with us and will often give us just enough to get us thinking. It seems they’re often more interested in getting us thinking than giving us a solid 100%, yes we’re here.


As I approached the Inca site I remember thinking how I was becoming less fearful than in the past at the prospect of meeting an ET in the dark, on my own. I began to visualise what it would be like to have a face to face contact experience fully conscious of what was happening, (In my 2018 experience where I boarded their ship it was initially a period of “missing time”, where I didn’t know what had happened until I began to recall memories a week or so later in meditation). As I continued to visualise meeting my Yahyel counterpart I felt a rapid expansion of unconditional love in my heart chakra, it felt overwhelming after long day, and I decided I probably wasn’t ready tonight.


I walked a little further towards the Inca site, as I got close I began to notice the fear rising in me, “doh, still got work to do!”. The sound of cows moving in the fields and the fact I felt kind of isolated started to make me nervous. However I also noticed the fear was making me feel kind of good, like more alive. These old sites can be spooky enough on their own, often giving me the feeling of being watched by Inca spirits. The fear got the better of me and I decided it wasn’t a good idea to be wandering around this place while I had fear in my system. I turned round and went back home.


I did some Yoga to help me sleep then went to bed around 9pm. The next thing I know I’m waking up with powerful energy moving through me and the feeling ETs are in the room. I remember feeling all this energy moving up my spine forcing me to twist and straighten up my posture in bed, it felt like my body was turning but I don’t know if I actually did move. There was a strong vibration moving through my body, almost like it was accompanied by the sound of an electric saw. I also felt the bed moving around the region of my knees. I knew the ETs were in the room but I didn’t feel to open my eyes, I felt they were in their astral bodies and not here physically. I calmed myself and stopped myself going into fear, telling myself it was the ETs, reminding myself they were love/light beings, this was part of my mission and that I needed to stay calm.


After a few minutes the energy subsided, over the next 30 minutes the energy would come and go but less intense. I remember receiving some telepathic communications after this, mostly light hearted jokes about me being afraid. I had intense dreams for the rest the night, about being around Inca sites with the huge tall agricultural terracing the Incas are famous for, forming kind of one or two sided pyramids. I was fighting with some people that were trying to attack me and there were lots of tourists about, some getting overwhelmed and trying to leave the area. I don’t remember anything else happening except receiving a message that “they were helping me heal”.


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2023 is lining up to be an epic year, Jonathan