Hello good day, I am Tahinio of the Yahyel. Contact is accelerating!


I come here at this time to welcome you to a new phase of our agenda. We have stepped into a timeline together where we can begin to move forward towards open contact at an accelerated rate.


Many of you in this timeline are taking action on that which you call your passion, mission and life calling/purpose at this time. And it is our pleasure to congratulate you on where this is going.


Upliftment of Consciousness


We have been saying for some time there will be an upliftment of consciousness occurring in your plane at some point this year and we sense you are already starting to feel it. However the best is yet to come. This fall, in your Autumnal equinox in September there will be a radical change of the vibrations in your world.


You have crossed certain thresholds in the quantum field of your galactic time/space reality. You are moving into an area of your galaxy that has increased vibrational resonance and will begin to reflect back to you greater realities at an accelerated rate here to forth.


Increased Contact


The timing has come, this fall (autumn), where we may begin to enter your reality with greater frequency. Those of you that have wished to see our crafts but until now have not had the opportunity to do so will do so with greater probability than ever.


Put out the intentions into your skies, visualise our ships appearing above you, imagine what it would feel like to experience a sighting in your reality. This is the manipulation of the quantum field that will allow you to connect with our consciousnesses in greater numbers and with higher frequency.


The Quantum Field


We are part of the quantum field as you are part of the quantum field and the secret is we must learn to resonate on similar frequencies so we can come together in the same time space reality.


Let go of the need for things to unfold in any particular way as this only limits the potential of creation to deliver realities more epic than you can possibly imagine. Feel, imagine and visualise what it would be like to experience contact with our ships, and if you like, our physical bodies. And this will allow you to shift your vibrational fields to a frequency that is conducive to making contact with us this fall. Then let go of the need for the outcome to happen in any particular fashion and trust that all things will happen in perfect timing.


We are the Yahyel, we will see you in your skies this fall/autumn equinox, (approximately), according to your laws of time mechanics.


See you soon Earth humans, Shivai and good day.


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