In the New Earth we follow our excitement, passion and life purpose. Through living our excitement we are tapping into our own higher consciousness which has the ability to guide us in the direction of that which serves all to the greatest degree. When all beings on Earth are aligned with their passion and mission we become like a symbiotic organism. All of us working together like cogs in a giant machine for the good of the whole, plugged directly into source consciousness, acting on downloads, excitement and inspiration. Synchronicity, alignment and empowerment are the keys to the New Earth.

In this course I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learnt over the past 13 years about aligned 5D living, in flow state, using synchronicity and the Law of Attraction to create our reality for the highest.

During the course you’ll learn how to go deeper into your mission, through understanding how to identify your excitement, connect with higher self and use synchronicty to shift your reality and begin to build the New Earth. We’ll go into how to move through obstacles, doubts and fears to step into your destiny, into who you came here to be at this time on Earth. We’ll learn how to use the Law of Attraction and Synchronicity to operate in a completely new way of being, 5D Being.

Running over 7 weeks starting February 4th there will be weekly live Zoom meetings with the opportunity to ask questions and interact with Jonathan and the Yahyel (channeled through Jonathan). Plus prerecorded video lessons and channelings from Jonathan and his channeled guides.

Jonathan has been channeling and teaching spiritual awakening for over 8 years and has become known worldwide due to appearances on Vice, UK and US TV, Irish and Australian radio plus podcasts and interviews on YouTube.


  • To fully align with your calling, mission and highest excitement.
  • How to redefine fears and negative beliefs to allow you to step fully onto your path moving through and blocks and doubts that are holding you back.
  • The art of working with synchronicity and the Law of Attraction to shift the world around you and attract the abundance you need to carry out your mission.
  • Connection with Higher Self and your guides to receive downloads and clear guidance on your path.
  • How to access flow state and move more effortlessly through reality in the trust you will always attract the abundance you need.
  • To access the high frequency Gamma, Lambda and Epsilon states germane to 5D being.
  • To serve our planet and humanity on a higher level.
  • How to prepare for open extraterrestrial contact.

And this is more than just sharing of information, this is bootcamp. Each week there will be exciting assignments to assist you in pushing through your fears and limitations, redefining old beliefs, and fully aligning with your mission – becoming the empowered 5D being you came here to be.

Alongside the seven live Saturday sessions there will be mid week group calls to connect with the group, chat and stay immersed in the empowering energy of the group.


The course will run from Saturday 4th February to Saturday 18th March with seven live interactive group sessions over Zoom where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Jonathan and the beings he channels. Recordings will be available in case you can’t make any sessions (for group members only).

You will also have access to prerecorded video lessons and channelings from Jonathan, the Yahyel and other channeled beings.


Saturday 4th February, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 11th February  1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 18th February, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 25th February, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 4th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 11th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Saturday 18th March, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time)

Each live group Zoom call will be 90 minutes and recordings will be available of all sessions in case you can’t make any sessions live, (the recordings will be private and for group members only). Mid week group calls will be arranged during the course to best suit participants availability.

Jon walks you slowly into experiencing first hand what it is you applied to learn.. no lengthy theoretical intros, no dry methods to imitate..

I suddenly found myself actually experiencing and applying what my over-analytical mind didn’t fully grasp yet, which is exactly the pace I needed when it comes to spiritual progress.

Kamal Bagdadi

I have taken many of Jonathan T Martin’s courses, he’s been able to help me in many ways and teach me many things. Jonathan is an absolutely amazing channel and teacher! I highly recommend him 100%.

Megan Scott

7 Live Interactive Zoom Classes + Weekly Group Calls + Prerecorded Channelings & Video Lessons.
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