4 Week Live Deepening Your Awakening Course


Go deeper into your own awakening and spiritual self realisation. A four week live course running throughout August designed to take you into the deepest understanding of who you are. The ultimate goal of the spiritual path is to take us into our true nature as pure consciousness and the direct experience that we are simultaneously both nothing and everything. Through the live calls and prerecorded videos Jonathan and the beings he channels will guide you progressively deeper into your own self realisation and direct experience of your truest nature.

Having appeared on Vice, mainstream TV and radio, plus several podcasts, Jonathan has been channeling and teaching about spiritual awakening for over 7 years.

The course will run throughout August with four live interactive group sessions over Zoom where you will have the opportunity to ask questions of Jonathan and the beings he channels.

You will also have access to prerecorded video lessons and channelings from Jonathan, the Yahyel and other Channeled beings.

Course Live Call Dates:

Saturday 6th August, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 5 pm UTC

Saturday 13th August, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 5 pm UTC

Saturday 20th August, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 5 pm UTC

Saturday 27th August, 1 pm ET (Eastern US Time), 5 pm UTC

Each video call will be 90 minutes and recordings will be available of all sessions in case you can’t make any sessions live, (the recordings will be private and for group members only). If you have any questions email

I have taken many of Jonathan T Martin’s courses, he’s been able to help me in many ways and teach me many things. Jonathan is an absolutely amazing channel and teacher! I highly recommend him 100%.

Megan Scott

Megan Scott's Psychic Readings

Jonathan’s channeling triggered my initial Spirit body activation. I feel he is VERY connected to our Star Family and can plug into many positive entities.

Steve Martin

Deepening Your Awakening – 4 Live Zoom Video Classes + Prerecorded Videos & Channelings
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Early bird price £111 before 25th July, £139 after.
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