Awaken in the Dream


Back in 2018 not long after a series of UFO sightings over my house in the UK I was listening to a lot of content channeled from extraterrestrials. One of the messages I was hearing was that if we wanted to have extraterrestrial contact we needed to become more like them. We needed to expand our consciousness, become enlightened if you will. Awaken in the Dream.




The term Buddha means “The Awakened One”. Spiritual Awakening is awakening out of the dream of identification with the mind. And the belief that our experience here on Earth is somehow solid and an ultimate reality.


As we begin to awaken we realise we are not the thoughts in our head. Our true nature is much deeper than this, actually Infinite. We come to see what we call life is just a dream we’re having within our consciousness. A projection of our own Infinite Self. Reality is not fixed or solid at all, we create it moment to moment according to our thought and beliefs.


This is why I was able to have these experiences of all the traffic lights turning green as I approached them. And the forest opening up magically in front of me as I ran through it. Life is a dream and a projection of our higher mind. This is part of awakening and the shift into Fourth Density/5D. The realisation that our reality is much more malleable than we think. This is how people are able to create things for themselves using the law of attraction.


Believing is Seeing


When we understand our beliefs create our reality the old saying “seeing is believing” no longer makes any sense. And also explains why so many people are so stuck in the old paradigm. For if our beliefs create our reality then “believing is seeing”!


All you have to do if you wish to awaken in the dream is “believe” and it shall be given unto you. Believe the ETs are real and they shall appear before your very eyes, when the time is right ;).


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