Archangel Raphael Channeling. Hello and welcome you fine beings of divine consciousness. For I am Archangel Raphael. King of the dominion of love and healing. And I do not take this title with a grain of salt. It is the role ordained on me by the God head creator King him/her self. For we are all one in essence and while we have different roles to play in creation we are equal as sum parts of the whole. It is a journey of joy and love in our hearts. And if you are missing this it is through your own error alone. No-one else’s.


Love and Joy

Love and joy are the essence of what you are, the essence of being and creation itself. It is only that you have taken on so many negative and limiting beliefs from your forefathers and ancestors that you have driven yourselves into suffering, pain and sorrow. Out of this place you have become selfish in orientation. The desperate need to dig yourself out of the pain and sorrow has led you to believe you need to serve and focus only upon yourself to make yourself feel better. But this could not be further from the truth.


Archangel Raphael’s Message


For you are beings of divine light and love in your essence. It is your nature to work together, to support and assist your fellow companions on this journey. But you have forgotten this and it is this and only truly this that brings you pain. Once you learn to work together, to love and heal one another as if they were your very self, for that is ultimately what they are. You will once again begin to find a stability in happiness, health, joy and well-being in yourselves. So yes, look after your selves but also look after others as if they were an extension of your own arm. It is this that shall return yourselves and your world to states of joy, happiness, bliss and well being beyond your wildest dreams.


Divine Service


For is this not what you are seeking, happiness, joy and love for one another in your hearts? What is it you seek Earth humans? Ask your self this and we shall tell you again and again that the way to rekindle this is to look after one another as if other was yourself. It is from here you shall begin to remember that other is your own self. And once again you shall return to the paradisical reality of Oneness and Unity once lost to your world. This is the path back to love and well being.


I love you and wish you well on your endeavour. I am Raphael.


Learn to Channel Archangel Raphael Yourself


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