The information contained in this post comes from a number of sources. For the past 13 years I’ve been fascinated by UFO’s and the extraterrestrial phenomenon. This has lead me down a number of paths of research from the internet to books to conferences and my own mission to make contact.

Around 2008 I began listening to a spirit channel called Daryl Anka who claimed to be brining through telepathic messages from an extraterrestrial called Bashar. A lot of the information in this post is inspired by Daryl’s channelings of Bashar. The information Bashar shares in his messages has been collaborated from many different angles over the years. Particularly the story of the greys and the human/alien hybridisation program.

Some such sources that backup Bashar’s claims are Budd Hopkins and John Mack. Two well known researchers of the abduction phenomena. Budd spent many years interviewing hundreds of people claiming to have been abducted by extraterrestrials. He also used hypnotic regression to take the subjects into a hypnotic state where they were able to recall more of their experiences.

Whitley Streiber’s famous book communion is a wonderful read where he recounts his own abduction experiences with extraterrestrials and his now infamous experiences with “Anal Probes”. I’ve met people at conferences such as Steven Jones who have had these experiences themselves and of course watched many documentaries on Youtube about the phenomena. Together these sources along with my own visions and contact experiences have painted the following picture.

The first recorded case of alien abduction occurred on September 19th 1961 and was the case of Betty and Barney Hill. During the experience Betty was shown a map of a star system that was in later years identified to likely be the Zeta Reticuli system!




As it turns out in this case alien or extraterrestrial may not be the best words to describe The Greys who take their name from their appearance. Approximately 4 feet tall with only four fingers, a very slim body and unusually large head. No or little hair, small ears, a small mouth, very large black eyes and grey skin.

The greys are actually parallel reality humans from another parallel reality version of Earth. In infinite universe theory the idea is that for our reality to be truly infinite there must be infinite versions of ourselves and our world. All existing in different dimensions of reality parallel to our own. The greys famous for the abduction phenomena came from one of these parallel reality Earths.

They progressed down a path of evolution where they became highly technologically advanced and highly telepathic. However they became overly focused in their concentration towards technological evolution and over time love, compassion and empathy began to leave their civilisation. This caused the consciousness of their planet, their version of Gaia, to become unhappy and a series of natural disasters ensued that eventually left the surface of their planet uninhabitable. They were forced to move underground, (likely the reason they developed the large black eyes, to enable them to see in the dark). Over time the situation and their lack of emotion led them to mutate and become unable to reproduce.

Desperate to prolong the existence of their race they sought out ways to reproduce and came to the conclusion they needed to find beings with viable DNA with which they could produce a hybrid species, hybrid with themselves. Their high technological advancement had led them to a place where they were able to move their ships inter-dimensionally, and they realised they could probably find a parallel reality version of their own world where they were still able to reproduce. They found us..

After what was likely much searching they came across our world and realised we could be the beings they were looking for. They found a habitable planet in the Zeta Reticuli star system and set about work on their project to create a hybrid species, part their genetic material part ours.




After setting up base in the Zeta Reticuli star system they set about the next phase of their agenda, finding humans with the right genetic makeup that they could use in their program. They were looking for specific characteristics: Healthy strong and fit people with powerful psychic abilities.

Over the years millions of people were abducted, or “temporarily detained” as Bashar likes to call the experience. Their ships would teleport to our solar system from the Zeta Reticuli system and begin to locate potential people for the program. They would come, usually in classic flying saucer shaped ships and hover over the persons house. They would then levitate them, often through walls and the roof of the house onto their ships. As crazy as this sounds this is reported again and again by abductees and witnesses – people literally being levitated through walls. Either a beam of light coming down in which they were raised up to the ship or the grey beings coming into the room and carrying the person while they levitated up together.

Experiencers report remembering being in a strange environment, often misty with a white light though often they report not being able to locate and light fixtures and can’t work out where the light is coming from. The environment is dreamlike like being in a different dimension of reality. The grey beings tend to move mechanically and in unison all at once. They’ll all be stood dead still then suddenly all start moving at the same time, operating like a hive mind species such as ants, as if commanded by one central controlling consciousness. Often there are taller beings among them that look similar and much larger beings in the form of giant preying mantises. The preying mantises appear to be the leaders, apparently giving out orders telepathically. The taller greys are sometimes known as “the doctor”.

The beings mostly communicate telepathically, people who experience the abductions will report being able to hear telepathic communications inside their heads. Often told to calm down, or not to worry we will take you back. These experiences are often agreed upon from a soul level on a higher dimension of our consciousness and the greys often don’t seem to understand why we’re in resistance. They seem to know that we agreed to this on a soul level and can’t understand why we’re freaking out so much.

The experiencers report being on an operating table often paralysed, unable to speak and move, sometimes unable to breathe. The greys carry out tests often probing, painfully, different parts of the body. People who have communicated with them ask why they let them feel the pain and they are not sedated or given painkillers, they’re told it’s important they feel the pain so on some level they remember the experience and are able to remember some time in the future. Often sexual organs are stimulated and sperm and eggs removed. Initially sexual intercourse would happen between the greys and humans or between two human abductees however over time the project progressed to extracting DNA, sperm and eggs and creating the hybrid children synthetically, as “test tube babies”.




This brings us to the whole goal of the program – the creation of a hybrid species, part grey, part human. And this is where it gets confusing because these hybrid beings are visiting us now from the future. The hybridisation program has been going on for around 50 years it seems, (though the abductions have come to an end and people are only taken to meet their children on the ships nowadays). However the hybrid species are now visiting, and assisting humanity from the future. As I understand it there are a total of 5 different hybrid species visiting us from the future. Bashar channeled by Daryl Anka is from one species known as the Shakani. Tahinio Ra, my guide is from another known as the Yahyel. Bashar says he is from around 2000 years in the future. Tahinio of the Yahyel has communed to me that he is from around 1000 years in the future. These beings are from the successful results of the hybridisation program.

As I understand it the beings from our timeline, (not the future), have come to be known as the hybrid children. They are more like us and closer to our frequency of consciousness. And so likely to be some of the first beings to make contact with us.

Many people have reported seeing large glass cylinders aboard the ships with babies in various stages of growth within them. Apparently there were many challenges initially with a lot of the babies not surviving, though the program was highly successful.

A strange phenomena often reported in Ufology circles is that of cattle mutilation, farmers reporting finding cattle dead in fields that appear to have had organs removed with incredible surgical precision and no blood spilled. I believe these were the greys collecting nutrition to feed the babies intravenously while in gestation in the cylinders.




So you may be thinking – this is horrific, what about the abductees, how did they cope psychologically, are the greys evil? Firstly as I understand it, no, the greys are not evil, they are kind of neutral. If you remember they have no emotion, compassion or empathy, or at least didn’t at the height of the abduction program, this was one of their issues, why they mutated and were unable to reproduce. So more neutral and lacking emotion than evil. We can perhaps think of them akin to scientists doing test on dolphins at sea – hauling them aboard their ships, tagging them and then throwing them back. It must be pretty traumatic for the dolphins however we know the scientists don’t have evil intent.

But yes, it’s certainly horrific and traumatic for the human abductees, I have a personal friend who’s experienced this and she reports it as being completely terrifying. Most people require some sort of therapy or counselling as they begin to remember, many end up drug addicts, it’s not an easy road. However it appears they agreed to the experiences from a soul level and understand that ultimately it will benefit them and the whole of the human race.




That brings us to the implants, many abductees remember having objects inserted in their body, often up their nose or behind their ear. Often X-rays and scans show up nothing, however often they do, there are cases of small metallic objects sometimes encased in human skin tissue found in strange parts of the body. Sometimes chips with wires coming out of them showing up on X-ray scans. The human tissue surrounding them preventing the body from rejecting them. This cannot be explained by modern science and doctors are often mystified. It appears the objects are some kind of tag inserted into the human so the extraterrestrials can locate them more easily in the future..




As bizarre and shocking as this all sounds, it appears to be very real and there is more evidence coming out every day to back this story up. 13 years ago when I first got into this it was difficult to talk about, nearly everyone close to me told me I was crazy or delusional, there was little information in the mainstream media to back it up. Today things are different, the continued pressure on the government and media from Ufologists and experiencers like myself is paying off. Information is starting to come out, government agencies are releasing more and more information each and every year to support the fact that we’re being visited by beings from another world, or another dimension.

Disclosure is happening, slowly and bit by bit, but it’s definitely happening..