The Path of the Light

Hello, Shivai, We are the Yahyel!

Once again we come to you in our ships from above your cities. Many of our scout ships are located above your cities semi-permanently at present.

This is a critical time in your planets evolution. As you are aware there are still beings in your reality operating from a selfish perspective for their own good and not for that of the whole. This is causing fluctuations in the collective vibrational field that is overall not beneficial for your planet.

However, as the vast majority of beings in your world have now committed to the path of the light, the path of service to other and upliftment of the whole. Whether consciously, on a spiritual mission, or just a feeling that they want what is best for all – this opens up the opportunity for us to work with you on a variety of levels.

The fact that enough of you have committed to the light, and that the overall movement of your world is in this direction, allows us to station above your cities and harmonise the light grids around your world as you begin to harmonise them from the ground up.

Grid Work

And so as we take this action to assist the stabilisation of your world from above we may give you some advice as to how you can assist this mission from the ground. And this will not necessarily be a slow process, the critical balancing point your world is currently in will allow a rapid transformation and harmonisation towards the light over the coming months if enough of you engage in what many of you have come to call grid work.

The energetic grid of your Earth, the chakra points, vortices and grid networks of ley/dragon lines that connect these energy centres is reaching a level of activation and harmonisation that has not been seen on your planet for a long time.

And the process, in which you can partake to assist the Earths transformation in this way is a very simple one – go out and have some fun. Forget the grind of life for a while, go outside and do what you love to do. Take some time off and ask yourself; where is the most exciting place I can visit right now. This will enable your higher self, through your excitement, to guide you to places on the grid that will allow the lighting up of Earths energy network in an entirely new way and form.

Yes, if you are aware of power points, energy centres and ley lines in your area you can certainly visit these spots. However, if you simply feel in to where feels most exciting to visit you will be tuning into the collective consciousness of your world and will be guided to the spots where you will have the most impact.

The Frequency of Fun

And so what to do when you get there? Have fun, relax, unwind, enjoy being out in nature in an environment away from the daily dross of emails, networking, stress and confusion of the human experience.

Remember why you came here, remember what life was before social media and technology took over. Remember the simple fun of being outside doing what you love to do.

By doing this you will naturally be radiating out positive frequencies into the Earth’s energy grid that will have a powerful impact on your world’s progression at this time.

And yes, if you feel drawn to laying crystal grids in the Earth, sending the land unconditional love or using any grid work techniques you are already aware of please go ahead. But understand it is the act of creating positive energy through doing what you love to do at these points that will have the greatest impact at this time.

Our unconditional love, understanding and guidance is always available to you Earth humans.

Good day and Shivai. Good day.

Learn to Channel

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