The Acceleration of Contact in 2023 – A Call to Your Governments and Institutions.


Hello, shivai, we are the Yahyel.


It’s good to be back communicating with you in this way at this time. Much has shifted since our previous communication in this manner and we are excited to share with you the unfolding of contact as we are experiencing it on your world.


We have for some time been monitoring the frequencies, the energies around your globe for the purpose of determining when you are ready for greater contact with your civilisation and we are very pleased with how things are progressing on this front. Not least with the fact that the conversation has been brought to the table on a new level for your world.


No longer is the topic of contact restricted to the board room table of hidden organisations or the forums of conspiracy websites but is coming to the fore, and rather timely we would say.


For we are working with your governments and organisations at this time to accelerate the path of contact and global awakening in a new direction. For it is our concern at this time to as bring as many individuals and organisations online with our agenda as possible.


We have stated for some time that we do not wish to rock the boat in your world, or in your dimension as we perceive it. It would serve no purpose for us to go against and individuals or organisations concerned with the topic of contact for it would only serve to uphold the revealing of our presence to your world.


And while, obviously, not everyone’s opinions of how to move forward agree with ours, it is one of our main intentions at this time to reach some middle ground with your governmental institutions.


And so we would take this opportunity to reach out the hand of friendship moving forwards with any of your institutions, organisations or governmental bodies that may be willing to reach out a hand of friendship in our direction.


Know the process of open contact with your world can only be delayed for so from long here to forth, and if you want things to go smoothly for both yourselves, your organisations, and your world as well as our worlds we would suggest it’s time to work together.


We will be appearing in your skies more and more as your year progresses signalling a demarcation that we believe your world, generally, is now ready for open contact with our civilisation and others amongst our alliance.


So if you wish to move forward coherently, and openly, as we wish, in a harmonious loving and compassionate form, you must take this opportunity. If agreements are not made by the end of this solar cycle in your world, by the end of this year – We will be forced to move forward according to the collective desire of your world, regardless of your cooperation, and here we are speaking to those organisations and governmental bodies assigned with the task of exploring extraterrestrial contact.


There are now enough souls in your world putting out the call for peaceful contact with us and the other civilisations involved; that we are able to move forward with our agenda regardless of agreements and alliances made with your governments and corporations involved in this task.


However, as we say, we prefer to get everyone on board and in general agreement as to how we will make this happen, and by that we mean first/open contact. This is your last call, we are moving forward with or without you, (institutions and organisations), as the collective energy of the collective mind of your world is requesting we do so.


So thank you Earth for putting out the call, we shall not disappoint, we are coming in droves and the acceleration of contact towards the end of this year shall signify a powerful demarcation and point of transformation in this direction.


Welcome to a New Earth Earth humans, a new day is coming, a new era is dawning, and we are coming once again as we did once before, or our galactic brothers once did in a time long forgotten but to the few who recall these times from the depths of their genetic memory banks.


Shivai and good day, we look forward to meeting you in a future now on your Earth. Amen and good day Earth humans, shivai, good day.


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