Hello I am Tahinio, Good Day! I welcome you to this new phase of your Earths evolution, the timeline is shifting rapidly at present. There are many people moving into darker realities due to their choices and misperceptions of reality. However we are glad to say that if you are reading this you are not one of them.


Higher Timeline


It is inevitable due to the laws of creation that as you move into a higher, more love-light oriented timeline there will be those that more into a darker, service to self timeline. And this is okay, this is the polarity of creation, the light could not exist without the dark. It is these darker, service to self entities that highlighted for you the opportunity to move towards the light. It was by seeing the intense darkness in your reality that you were propelled to seek the light.


And at this time we see a lot of light approaching your reality, intense periods of introspection and challenge are always followed by expansions into greater light. And times of greater light are now approaching in your world.


Redefining Beliefs


As always we suggest you look within, do the work so to speak, look for any areas in your life that still are hidden by shadow. Subconscious fears, doubts that you create your reality and so forth, decide what is true. This is really all it takes – become aware of that which is not serving you, those beliefs, ideas and perspectives that drag you down. Those thoughts that are products of your society that you just “know” are not true but sometimes grip you and drag you into chaos.


Each time you feel your frequency lowering observe what is occurring in your consciousness, what thoughts are associated with this lowering of vibration. Observe and reassess, very often you will see that you do not really believe in these negative perspectives but somehow they “hook” you. This is due to you being connected to the collective mind of your world and the environment you live in. However the more you observe these negative perspectives moving in your consciousness the less grip they will have on you. The less power they will have to take you over and the more easily you will come back to a centred state of pure consciousness. Awareness that you are the love/light being you came here to be, and ultimately have always been.


Shifting Timeline


So let go of the shadow and embrace the light. The potential to shift timelines to a greater version of yourself and your planet has never been higher. The more you transform the shadow to light over the coming months the faster you shift to a timeline that blows your mind.


The shift is approaching, a shift of consciousness to love, joy and happiness that many of still doubt is possible. But as long as you do the work, stay aligned to who you know you are in your heart, and carry out the tasks that excite you to the best of your ability you will make the jump.


And so it is our honour at this time to invite you into reality as we see it. A reality of love, joy, peace and unbounded potential. Over the coming weeks you will experience levels of love/light consciousness you have not seen for a long time. Perhaps since you took on the physical body in this world. You will suddenly find yourself feeling happy, healthy and free on a level you never expected. You will wonder why you didn’t stay happy like this before. But know it’s because you did the work, on some level in some way you made a choice to battle the darkness and fight your way back to the light.


Now you are beginning to see the fruits of your work, and if you’re not feeling this right now you will begin to see glimpses of this over the weeks ahead. A new era of love and light is entering your world.


Returning Home


The task ahead is a long one, your time in this reality is not up yet for the majority of you, you’re not getting out that easily. But know in a sense that you are “getting out” because you are entering a new version of Earth. A version of Earth more closely aligned to the frequencies some of you remember as “home”


And so the great homecoming celebration begins, a new era of love and light starts. Enjoy your summer if this is your part of the world. Kick back and relax, for you will need the energy for the rapid acceleration of consciousness occurring at the end of year. We look forward to meeting you in your new year in a new reality and experience of Earth.


For now enjoy the times of upliftment that are coming. We celebrate with you Earth humans, for a new day is dawning. A new era is beginning for the many thousands of you that have made the shift to this new timeline. The shift has begun and the great awakening is here.


Welcome home Earth humans. Good day. I am Tahinio of the Yahyel signing out and glad to be of your service in some form for ever more. Shivai and good day Earth humans. Good day!


Learn to Channel


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