33 Days of Extraterrestrial Contact


Every day for the next 33 days, throughout September and into October, I’ll be sharing content on extraterrestrial contact. Daily Facebook, Youtube, TikTok and website posts. You can find me across all these platforms by searching for “Jonathan Trinity Martin”


September is the month of contact for me. It’s the month of my birthday, the equinox, which seems significant, and the month when both my main contact experiences occurred.


The CE5 Contact Method


The first was in 2009. Mid 2008 I was practising Dr Steven Greer’s CE5 contact protocol to invite the ET ships into our reality. After doing the meditation for about 7 weeks I had a spate of 3 UFO sightings over my parents house here in the UK.


A few months later I came across the teachings of Bashar channeled by Daryl Anka, a hybrid Grey extraterrestrial. I believe I created Bashar in my reality as a “side effect” of the CE-5 meditations. When we understand how the Law of Attraction works, how reality is actually not outside of us at all but within our own consciousness. And that we’re creating it as we go according to our beliefs, thoughts, perspectives and what we focus upon. Then we can see how by visualising the image of a grey extraterrestrial in my CE5 meditations every day for 7 weeks, I actually created Bashar in my life.


333 Synchronicity


Fast forward to September 18th 2009, my 33rd Birthday. 33 is also significant for me. I had a contact/awakening experience on the 3rd day of my 33rd birthday celebration, more of that in a minute. I later discovered my 33rd birthday fell exactly 3 years, 3 months and 3 days prior to the fabled Dec 21st 2012 date. The end of the Mayan calendar that created the “worlds going to end” stuff around that time. Of course it was not the end of the world it was the end of the old world and the beginning of the shift into the new 5D/Fourth density reality. (I was not the only one that had a profound spiritual awakening around this time). It signified the completion of a 26000 year cycle of the Zodiac and the beginning of a new age. It was also the point when the collective energy on Earth shifted from overall negative to overall positive.


Back to the story. After a years break from anything toxic, including alcohol and cannabis I decided to follow my highest excitement (Bashar’s teaching) for my birthday weekend and visit Amsterdam. Where cannabis is legal/decriminalised. I remember I only had around £230 British pounds to my name but Bashar’s teaching was to follow your excitement and trust the universe to support you.




I grabbed my passport and headed to the ferry port in Hull around 50 miles from where I was living in Lincolnshire. This is where things started to get strange. On the drive there I noticed every traffic light would turn green just as I approached it. I’ve never seen anything like this before or since. I remember by the time I arrived in Hull my jaw was dropped wide open, I knew something outside the ordinary was happening. Driving over the Humber bridge, a suspension bridge over the estuary, things got stranger still. The sea was dead still, not a ripple on it, and there was all this steam rising up. It wasn’t just this, there was a powerful mystical atmosphere in the air, a sign of things to come.


I managed to manifest a cheap ticket on the ferry and spent the weekend in Amsterdam’s, “coffee” shops following my highest excitement. It was an amazing weekend, I was totally in flow and experiencing a level of joy I hadn’t felt before. Literally going round “the Dam” wherever my excitement took me.


It was on the coach back from Amsterdam to Rotterdam ferry port where things really started to shift. All the way back I could hear this singing in my head, like angels, or moke likely ETs communicating telepathically. It was raising my frequency and I became extremely present, marvelling in awe at the beauty of life itself as I drove through Holland’s industrial zone.


More Synchronicity


An interesting synchronicity occurred on the ferry on the way back. I was nearly out of money, I had about eight British pounds left. I saved enough money to buy two sausage rolls for breakfast and the rest I put on the roulette table in the casino. I won and had enough money to eat in the restaurant that night. I got into the all you can eat buffet about 30 minutes before closing, just enough time to eat enough food to prepare me for what was to come the next day..


And so the day came that I would remember for the rest of my life. I was driving back from the ferry port on Monday morning planning on going to work as usual. As I approached my home town of Lincoln I decided to follow my excitement one more time. Instead of going work I diverted and headed out to the forest location of Chambers Farm wood.


Contact & Awakening


Approaching the woodland I started to have an awakening experience, although it wasn’t pleasant. I felt like I was Infinite consciousness trapped in a physical body. I started to freak out, the sensation was unbearable, I was suffering immeasurably. Suddenly I heard a voice inside me, it said “accept you are Infinite Consciousness”. It was like I had no choice, I had to, I knew it was the only way out of the unbearable suffering I was experiencing. So I did, I accepted I was Infinite Consciousness. In that moment the suffering shifted to sensations of intense joy and bliss. From there every step I took through forest took my vibration higher and higher, more into the bliss I went.


At one point I had the thought, “Maybe I’m here to meet my soul mate!”. I’d been studying a lot about synchronicity and how when we’re in very high states, synchronicity (apparent coincidences) increases. Then I had the thought, “no, that’s not why I’m here, I’m here to meet the ETs!”


From then on I let my intuition guided me deeper and deeper into the forest. Sometimes I would see a sparkling light down a certain path guiding me in that direction. At a point something shifted, I’m fairly certain I had a “missing time” ET contact experience that I don’t remember. This has now been further confirmed to me as I had a similar “missing time” experience in 2018 of which I do remember some of the contact. I noticed there were now a lot of military aircraft above the forest. Something that happened again but much more intensely in the 2108 experience. I started to get paranoid that they were there because of me. I felt like I had become my soul on Earth. All sorts of paranoid thoughts were coming out my subconscious, probably a lot I’d picked up from movies.


The Channeling State


During this experience the channeling state opened up significantly in me. I felt as if all information in the universe was available to me. From here I connected in with some ancient beings that once walked the Earth perhaps hundreds of thousands of years ago. I didn’t feel comfortable with all the military aircraft around. I’d had this huge expansion into my soul and I didn’t really know what was happening. So I asked myself what would these beings I was connecting with do. The thought came, trust that the forest will open up in-front of you and it will.


I had some fear the military were there because of me and the experience I’d just had. They’d probably picked up the ET craft on radar as it dropped me off. Military aircraft chasing ET ships during my contact experiences is something that’s happened several times.


I wanted to get out the forest, I didn’t feel safe. I took the advice of these ancient beings I was connecting with and trusted the forest would open up in-front of me. I ran full sprint out the forest in a perfectly straight line, trusting it would open up. Magically, reminding me of the strange synchronicity with the traffic lights at the beginning of this adventure, it did!




About two days after this experience I returned to this site and had a profound telepathic communication with extraterrestrials. This was the beginning of my journey as a psychic channel for the ETs


After this experience I returned to the spot in the forest where it occurred almost every day for weeks. Then one day around 2 or 3 months after the experience, after visiting it daily, I went to find the spot and it just seemed to be gone. I never found it again.


33 Days of Extraterrestrial Contact


This is how the month of September became the month of contact and the inspiration for this video series. Every day for the next 33 days I’ll be sharing a video on extraterrestrial contact on my Youtube channel. You can subscribe to me and follow the series by doing a Youtube search for “Jonathan Trinity Martin”.